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10 Top Notch Ways to Get Quality Links Using Content Marketing

I have not accepted any new guest posts on this blog in awhile, but when Irina emailed me about doing a guest post about how to get quality links using content marketing, I could not pass up the opportunity.

I recently started reading Epic Content Marketing by Joe Pulizzi and it’s a fantastic book. I am also working hard to finally do good content marketing on my personal projects and know there’s a lot to learn.

Anyway, here is Irina’s guest post. Enjoy!

We know that building quality links to your websites has a large influence on where you show on Google. Most of us used to use link building to get high rankings.

Let’s be honest, link building is the subject of much controversy. Many webmasters abuse of it, but despite these challenges, it works well if you get links from authoritative niche-related sites.

In this post, I want you to pay your attention to content marketing. It is one of the smartest ways to get valuable links and help you to give your customers what they want. It is also great for internet marketers as content marketing can deliver much value in many areas other than just organic search.

Today, potential clients spend more time online and 93% of B2B marketers use content marketing strategies. That means that ebooks, case studies, ebooks and other types of resources can make the most sense in your niche.

Unique and epic content always boosts chances of getting quality links. Now, I will cover 10 awesome ways to get quality links through content marketing.

Get influential bloggers to share your content

Everyone knows who the influencers are and know how powerful their decisions are in the market. If they share your content, you will get not only a new audience but also increase your own credibility.

The first step is to create a list of such influencers in your niche. You can just enter your niche keywords in Google search and you will get a list of influencers.

content marketing

You can also try out BuzzSumo to find these people. Just enter the search query like “keyword research” and you will get relevant posts and authors of these posts as well as the total amount of social shares for the article.

social sharesTwitter, LinkedIn or tools like Mention are other ways to find top influencers that have mentioned about you or your competitors too.

Once you’ve made a list of influencers, you can start building relationships with them on Twitter or Facebook. You can just comment or like some of their posts or social media updates. As soon as you engage with an influencer, you can send a direct message or email and ask them for help or offer some sort of cooperation.

If you have quality content you want to share, you can get most out of these people that have an access to the most part of your target audience. Surely, you won’t get 100% result to make your content viral with the help of top influencers, but even a small amount of such mentions will pay off.

Here is the example of an email template that works well for me when reaching out to an influencer:

email template example

Just because you don’t ask for anything specific, this short email can help you to place your content on the path to viral status. Finding influencers and building long-term relationships is not a quick process, but getting their trust will be worth the hassle.

Create top-notch content

Creating general content is an important thing, but creating a butt-kicking piece of content is a different story. Before making any piece of content, you should get what exactly your audience is looking for. You can do that by using the handcrafted keyword research in order to generate awesome content ideas. You can use a simple research in Google in order to find out popular search results in your niche. Make sure that search results can range from your location and search history.

SE Ranking is another way to conduct a keyword research for your content marketing campaign. I often use it for searching of long-tail keywords. But, you can also monitor changes in rankings and analyze your backlink profile.

SE Ranking keyword profile

As soon as you are done with keyword research, you can create a butt-kicking piece of content. Have heard about ego bait? This approach always works well for me.

ego bait

Interviewing and quoting other famous people can add a touch of authenticity and be a good way to get on their radar. Whether it is an interview, via a backlink, social engagement or a guest post, you can forge relationships with influencers in your niche. Remember that links that you get after a productive cooperation can be great links.

Publish and promote guest posts on relevant blogs

Matt Cutts stated that guest posting was dead. Well, that is not that case when we are talking about guest blogging for high-quality websites. It still remains one of the most effective ways to get high-quality links. Google hates spammy links, that’s why it is important to focus on creating top notch content on authoritative relevant websites (like this blog).

There are different ways to find guest blogging possibilities. For SEO beginners, you can use the search strings like “write for us”, “guest post”, “contribute”, monitor where competitors are guest posting, and search Twitter.

search Twitter for guest post opportunities

Make sure that you know the writing style of the blog before contributing out there. Remember that guest posting helps you to forge relationships and increase online presence, but not promote your product or service. It is also important to check out the guidelines, create your pitch and personalized email and give bloggers the reasons why you are a great guest blogger.

Here is the example of guest posting script:

sample guest post email template

On one side, the “be everywhere day” approach stocks with alluring prospects and allows seeing your name everywhere. On the other hand, this concept takes much time for planning and preparation. Each post needs to be deliberate and unique.

Thought-leadership guest posts work well because real people like reading them when they are done well. Instead of creating occasional guest posts, focus on working with bloggers on a regular basis what will strengthen the ties and increase your online influence in the niche.

Publish expert roundups

You have seen different expert roundups in the industry. These blog posts gather insights from experts and give an additional exposure and the option to gain quality links from influencers. Brian Land declared on Moz that expert roundups are a win-win situation for everybody if you use it properly.

Users like reading useful pieces of advice from experts. Both users and experts share your content with a great pleasure. For example, I was a part of a roundup post that received more than 700 social shares.

roundup post shares

It is not a problem if you don’t have your own website or have a website with poor design, you can create a roundup post under your name on other authoritative websites that love accepting such posts.

When you prepare an email template, remember that leading experts are too busy and don’t have much time to read long emails. It is important to create extremely short and easy to read emails.

emailing contributors for roundup blog post

As soon as the post gets live, email your contributors to get to know about it.

contributor roundup post followup email template

Create awesome interviews

Making interviews like guest posting and roundup posts doesn’t happen without a personal touch and hard work. Before pitching an interview, make sure that you have enough information and connections to contact the person. When writing a personalized email pitch for the interview, let him or her know where the post will be published, define the reasonable deadline and show your respect about how busy the person is. Don’t be too obtrusive if the person can’t participate in the interview. Just let him or her know that you will be happy to hear from him or her in the future.

When you conduct an interview, let the person know how you are going to interview by phone, via email or in-person and define both location and time. When formulating questions, focus on specific areas like sharing the experience, discussing a forthcoming event or some trends, add a touch of humor, include images of an interesting subject and prepare some questions with due consideration of your research.

Once you publish this piece of content, don’t forget about promoting it on social media and let the person know that the interview is live. I love this type of content because you can not only get quality links from experts but also build a good relationship with the leading expert and expand your network.

Make good infographics

Every day, visual content becomes more popular among marketers and bloggers and I don’t expect that this trend will go away. Due to the power of infographics, many marketers have suffused the market with this type of visual content. But despite this fact, infographics are still effective to gain quality links.

When creating infographics, try to be selective regarding information you want to include, relevant keywords, statistics or instructions. The better content, the more attention it will get on social media and drive traffic to your blog.

benefits of infographics

Infographics that are too long are really hard to remember and take forever to load. But tightly focused infographics are easy to digest and get shared more among users.

Once you have published the infographic on your blog, it’s high time to search for quality links and let other people know about this useful piece of content.

Write compelling case studies

Everything sounds great in theory, but do case studies really work in practice? Absolutely. Case studies are a valuable asset when dealing with the problem to provide proofs and solutions on the subject you are researching.

Content Marketing Institute stated that 63% of marketers from the United Kingdom consider case studies as one of the most effective internet marketing strategies.

Here is an infographic with the pros and cons of case studies:

The Pros and Cons of Case Studies

Now we know that case studies work well, all you need is to create them properly and get most out of them.

Get link prospects on AllTop

AllTop is a popular daily directory that curates the best blogs in different areas and provides high-quality content with good posting frequency. It is not only a good way to get good links but can also get you more new readers and increase your online presence.

AllTop Content Marketing

Previously, it was quite difficult to be included on AllTop, but today they are approving new entries as long as all your content on your site is unique and quality. Just go to the AllTop submission page and suggest your site based on their guidelines.

AllTop is not the only blog aggregator. You can find a few powerful aggregators and consider to include your blog there. Here are a few options you can check out:

Of course, if your blog is about affiliate marketing, you should get added to AffPosts.

Include long-tail keywords into your titles

The embedment of long-tail keywords is a great way to get a lot of traffic on your website and rank the page for more than one target keyword. These keywords have become a hit in online searches. People like asking specific questions and the entire sentences to find answers to their problems. Those who focus on users and great content will be better matched for using long-tail keywords.

Promote content via email outreach

If you are serious about your content marketing campaign, you know that writing a quality post will be not enough. Content promotion is the last drop of value you can get. Just sharing the post on social networks isn’t enough. That’s why it is important to create your own content sharing strategy.

content marketing

Once you have published the post, expert roundups, case studies, interviews or any other type of content, spread the word out about your post. Users love to share nice and unique posts what will make your life much easier. You can use services like AWeber to build an email list and share your posts via email outreach.

Have you tried one of the 10 top notch ways to reach the goal from this post? Do you know other ways how to gain quality links using content marketing? Let us know what you have already tried in the comments below.

Irina Weber is a blogger, content marketer and brand manager. She focuses on developing new marketing campaigns, analyzing new marketing trends and opportunities, creating interesting and relevant content on authoritative websites. She holds a degree in Linguistics and Intercultural Communications from MSLU. You can find Irina on Twitter.

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