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20 Inspiring & Best Mobile Website Design

Get Inspired By The Best Examples of Mobile-Friendly Websites

Mobile-friendly websites are now becoming important more than ever. We’ve heard it so many times, optimize your website for mobile devices or risk losing out on a big chunk of mobile traffic.

With Google’s mobilegeddon update, the effects are even more prominent as mobile search now takes mobile-friendliness of a website as a ranking factor.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of this advice and you have not optimized your website for mobile devices yet, fret not, we’ve written an article on how to make your website mobile friendly.

To inspire you with the best mobile websites design, here’s a list of 20 beautiful mobile-friendly websites.

20 Beautiful Examples of Mobile-Friendly Websites

  1. Tesla Motors
  2. Bloomberg Business
  3. MailChimp
  4. Microsoft
  5. Abduzeedo
  6. Oxford Dictionary
  7. Nike
  8. Threadless
  9. Pokemon
  10. Weight Watchers
  11. Apartment Therapy
  12. Lego
  13. Fast Company
  14. MTV
  15. Mashable
  16. Airbnb
  17. Popular Science
  18. Etsy
  19. Society6u
  20. Strava

20 of the Most Beautiful Examples of Mobile-Friendly Websites Examples


1) Tesla Motors

Tesla has been at the forefront of the automotive industry (IMO) and it’s good to know that their website doesn’t suggest otherwise.

Why it’s beautiful and mobile-friendly:

• Font choice and font size are easy to read on small screens.
• Buttons are sized adequately for finger pressing.
• Art direction of images suits the design of the website.
• Good amount of white space.
• Clear and obvious CTAs.
• Good usage of accent colors.

Alexa Ranking: 1, 769


2) Bloomberg Business

Bloomberg is synonymous to business and you would probably expect a boring and conventional website from them. However, their recently redesigned and revamped website is beautiful yet practical.

mobile friendly website example
Why it’s beautiful and mobile-friendly:

Bloomberg added much zest to its conventional design with a good dosage of bright and strong colors. The striking blue applied to a conventional font that’s similar to Helvetica provides a tinge of freshness to their rigid design.

Other striking colors are also used throughout the website to differentiate news from different categories. Overall great use of colors.

Alexa Ranking: 334


3) MailChimp

MailChimp is a company that provides email marketing service. One of the reasons for its success is its great design across all it’s website and email templates.

Why it’s beautiful and mobile-friendly:

Good flow of information, telling you what you need to know clearly and interestingly.

Options to expand a card to know more about each feature is a really good idea especially on mobile-devices where pixel space is limited. UI/UX plays a role is SEO too so that has to be considered.

Alexa Ranking: 457

4) Microsoft

Microsoft is the giant when it comes to computers. They are the largest software manufacturers and it’s fair to say that they’ve put a lot of thought into user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Their flat design and card style layouts from their software are imported into their web design as shown below.

microsoft mobile website
Why it’s beautiful and mobile-friendly:

In case you haven’t notice, most of the websites shown here are using flat design and card styled layout. It is the latest trend in web design and it is also one of the more important ones.

Microsoft was one of the big tech companies that started this trend and now nearly everyone is doing the same. The reason why flat design and card styled layouts are so popular is that it is better on the small screens.

Alexa Ranking: 31


5) Abduzeedo

Abduzeedo is a blog about design. There are all sorts of articles for those who want to look for design inspiration. You will also find very useful tutorials here for the most used applications, with a special selection of Photoshop and Illustrator Tutorials.

Abduzeedo Design Inspiration
Why it’s beautiful and mobile-friendly:

Well, I guess when the website is created by a designer and is mainly talking about design, the website can’t be too appalling.

Alexa Ranking: 40, 030


6) Oxford Dictionary

In case you do not have a dictionary app on your phone and you need to look up the meaning of a difficult word, there are many websites you could go to, such as Merriam-webster, Collins or Cambridge dictionary. However, my recommendation would be the Oxford dictionary just because it is slightly better designed for mobile devices.

oxford dictionary
Why it’s beautiful and mobile-friendly:

Getting the definition of a word is a breeze with Oxford’s dictionary. All the extra knowledge presented below are interesting enough to keep you staying on the page to learn more.

There’s even a language test where you can test your English proficiency and work your brain a little. These are great ways to keep your audiences on your page and improve your SEO score.

Alexa Ranking: 3,067


7) Nike

When it comes to design, Nike never fails to impress.

nike mobile website
Why it’s beautiful and mobile-friendly:

Nike let their product do most of the talking with those brilliantly taken photos. Pair those photos with some kickass copy and you get a powerful message that shouts “Buy Me!”

One thing that is unique from Nike’s website is, to fit in two shoe pictures in one row, they flipped the photos of their shoes vertically so that they fit better in the narrow space of a mobile screen, which is innovative.

Alexa Ranking: 464

8) Threadless

Threadless is a crowdsourced graphic tee store. All its T-shirt designs are crowdsourced and picked by the public. Designs with the best scores voted by public will be printed and sold.

Why it’s beautiful and mobile-friendly:

Threadless relies a lot on the feedback of their community. The more the community participates by submitting designs, voting and scoring designs, the better their products are.

Voting and scoring designs are really easy with their endless scrolling voting page. You can easily lose track of time scoring designs after designs.

Alexa Ranking: 14,745


9) Pokemon

Most game websites have over the top graphics and flashy animations on their landing pages, those are great on the desktop but not so much on mobile devices. Animated pictures are heavy in file size and are not easily scaled which is why they are not suitable for mobile-devices.

pokemon mobile website
Why it’s beautiful and mobile-friendly:

Pokemon is a favorite among most people. Their cute and bubbly graphics are much loved by people of all age groups.

The Featured Pokemon section is easy to navigate as you can slide each card horizontally to reveal other Pokemons.

Alexa Ranking: 6, 144


10) Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is a company that offers various products and services to assist weight loss and maintenance.

weight watchers
Why it’s beautiful and mobile-friendly:

Each fold is clearly defined with colored or plain backgrounds. Headlines are big and clear, definitely a pleasure to read on all the small mobile screens.

Alexa Ranking: 4,143


11) Apartment Therapy

Apartment therapy is an interior design magazine.

apartment therapy mobile website
Why it’s beautiful and mobile-friendly:

Apartment therapy’s web design is as beautiful as its interior design inspirations. Clean and spacey.

Their choice of using a serif font is also a great one as it complements well with the entire design and makes the website look classy.

Alexa Ranking: 2,119

Kid and Teens

12) Lego

Lego is the most popular toy in the world that is enjoyed by both kids and adults. Having two ends of age groups as their target audience, they have to strike a balance in appealing to both.

lego mobile-friendly website example
Why it’s beautiful and mobile-friendly:

Among the 20 websites featured here, Lego is the only website that have drop shadows. If they could go easy on their drop shadows, their website would look less busy and cleaner. Aside from the drop shadows, Lego doesn’t disappoint with it’s fun and vibrant design.

Alexa Ranking: 1,289


13) Fast Company

Fast Company is that talks about business, design, ideas, and even cultures. They inspire new breed of innovative and creative thought leaders who are actively inventing the future of business.

fast company
Why it’s beautiful and mobile-friendly:

Full-width images with headlines underneath it. Simple, clean and effective design. No fluff, just how readers like it.

The font used for the headlines is thinner compared to the desktop version, also, the headlines are only capitalized on the first letter of every word instead of every word in the desktop version. These tweaks for their mobile website enable more words to fit in each line and greatly reduce the space needed while keeping the website look neat.

Alexa Ranking: 2,533


14) MTV

Everyone knows MTV love to use vibrant and psychedelic colors that resonate with their brand. Fortunately, these colors are kept to a minimum for good measure.

mtv mobile friendly website
Why it’s beautiful and mobile-friendly:

MTV is hugely popular among teens and it is easy to see why. Their headlines are very short, in fact, most of the time it is just random keywords + random keywords. They don’t even bother to capitalize their headlines, because that’s how teenagers text with their friends yo’.

Alexa Ranking: 4,143


15) Mashable

Mashable is a news source for younger crowds and as you can see, their headlines and design are worked towards appealing to their target audience.

Why it’s beautiful and mobile-friendly:

When it comes to news for youngsters, social shares are an important indicator of whether the news is worth reading or not. Mashable got that right by displaying the shares together with the headlines.

The endless scrolling means you can browse news after news stay on the page for longer than you should.

Alexa Ranking: 278


16) Airbnb

Airbnb is a website that allows people to list, find and rent lodging. The founders of Airbnb are design graduates, and from the looks of their website, it is obvious that they have put a lot of emphasis on UI and UX.

Why it’s beautiful and mobile-friendly:

Airbnb is smart in using large folds to accommodate attractive pictures of travel destinations to encourage people to travel to those destinations. For a website that has so many features and so complicated, using Airbnb is surprisingly easy and intuitive.

Alexa Ranking: 315


17) Popular Science

Popular Science is a monthly magazine for science and technology related topics. Their website is a great example of good mobile-friendly web design.

popular science mobile
Why it’s beautiful and mobile-friendly:

Love how they accentuate the featured news with a bright red background for its title. Most magazines have moved on to using card styled layouts for each piece of article but not Popular Science. Each piece of article is separated by a subtle dotted line but it is as good as having cards.

Alexa Ranking: 5,197


18) Etsy

Etsy is a peer-to-peer e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items.

etsy mobile friendly example
Why it’s beautiful and mobile-friendly:

Etsy’s website is beautiful with its earthly toned colors. If you are into vintage and handmade stuff, be warned, you’ll be compelled to spend many unnecessary dollars here on items that are picked by their editors or items that are recommended for you.

Alexa Ranking: 144

19) Society6

Society6 is a peer-to-peer shop for artistes to sell their artwork.

Why it’s beautiful and mobile-friendly:

Shopping on Society6 is really easy with all the filters they provide. Shopping for nice stuff is also easy as they feature beautifully designed products that are liked or purchased the most by other consumers.

Alexa Ranking: 4,492


20) Strava

Strava is like a social network for runners and cyclist where they can log in where they’ve run or cycled.

Why it’s beautiful and mobile-friendly:

Mixing full fold images with card-style layout, their website is never boring and effective.

Alexa Ranking: 1,441

So that’s 20 of the most beautiful mobile-friendly website examples.

Do let me know if you have any better mobile website design.

This post was originally written by Zhi Yuan and published on Oct 5, 2015. It was most recently updated on May 18, 2020.

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