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2018: Your Best Year Ever

Would you like to make 2018 your best year ever in each area of your life? If you get out of your own way you can absolutely do JUST THAT. Click through and let me show you how…

How To Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever

As we roll into December this is the perfect time for you to be thinking about what you accomplished in the past eleven months and determine what it is you would like to get done in the coming year to make it your most successful and lucrative year ever.

This is your opportunity to plot a new course and take a journey that will lead you to bigger and better things in all areas of your life in 2018. But before you take any journey, you need to know what your starting point is. In other words, where do you stand today?  

The best place to start this self-review process is to honestly answer this question:

If life were a game, what would your score be right now?

  • I mean, how would you rank or score each area of your life?
  • Would you give yourself a good score with your health and fitness?
  • What about your finances? Or relationships?

What if there was a way you could measure yourself in the areas that matter most—so that you can improve… and ultimately create the life you want?

Well, now you can:

Click Here Now To Get Your Own Score

New York Times best-selling author Michael Hyatt has developed a proprietary tool that makes this whole process really easy—and it’s free!

Like many assessments, this one is self-administered. It provides you with the opportunity to rate yourself in each of life’s major domains. The tool then calculates your score in each domain, adds them together, and gives you an overall LifeScore™.

The whole process takes less than ten minutes. And it will give you the clarity you need to create the life you want.

Once you discover your LifeScore™, you can quickly see what’s working in your life and identify opportunities for growth that you might not have seen before.

Best of all, the LifeScore™ Assessment is FREE—but only for a limited time. So go take the assessment right now:

Click Here Now To Get Your Own Score

P.S. The assessment (that Michael makes available for free) calculates everything for you. You just read the descriptions, pick the one that’s most accurate for you, and then you’ll have your overall score. It’s fast and easy. But you’ll come away with tremendous clarity when you’re finished.

What Happens Next?

Following the assessment, you be given both an overall score and individual domain scores for each area in your life. They are rated on a scale of 1-12.

  • Scores between 1 and 3 are in the Struggling Zone.
  • Scores between 4 and 6 are in the Frustration Zone.
  • Scores between 7 and 9 are in the Success Zone.
  • Scores between 10 and 12 are in the Transformation Zone. 

You’ll also receive a follow up email with a really cool detailed summary of your assessment and the opportunity to join a free upcoming webinar by best-selling author Michael Hyatt that goes even further. I cannot impress upon you enough to please join us on this life-changing webinar. Especially if you don’t think you’re earning the kind of money you deserve:

Navigate Your Way to Success in 2018: 5 Blunders that Could Shipwreck Your Goals (and How to Avoid Them)

Your Best Year Ever Part 2:

Now that you’ve committed to the webinar let’s dig a little deeper…

To make 2018 your best year ever in each of your desired categories you need to make some changes in your life. These changes include planning, goal-setting, commitments, and a fresh, new and optimistic attitude. You should not just be thinking about those things but taking steps to enact real, measurable, and lasting change. 

Let’s face it: change is difficult. 

  • It’s challenging – Change usually places us outside of our comfort zone. We create comfort zones to help us get through life with as little resistance as possible. But the path of least resistance usually is not the most financially rewarding one 
  • It’s uncertain – When we change we travel into uncharted territory and that can bring with it apprehension, fear, and anxiety
  • It’s unknown –One of life’s greatest fears is the fear of the unknown. It causes us to resist and avoid things for which we cannot easily discern the outcomeeinstein-insanity
  • It’s unpopular – The resistance to change is universal.  Change usually invites animosity, criticism, and tension. Often from those who mean well but end up doing more harm to you than good. Do what you believe what’s right for YOU and ignore any outside influence 

6 Steps To Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever

1 – You Must Believe That You Can Win

You must overcome the invisible barriers that exist inside your head. We all have them and they’ll blow you out of the water unless you address and change them.

Action Step: Get out a pad of paper and write down 3 limiting beliefs and replace them with 3 truths 

  • Existing limiting belief:  I don’t have enough education to succeed
  • New truth to replace it:  Nothing is stopping me from learning everything I need to succeed

2 – You Must Get Past Your Own Past

You past absolutely does NOT determine your future. Learn how to process your past failures and accept them for what they are: the past.

What have you learned from your failures that will allow success to happen?

3 – Set Specific Goals

  • Goals are specific, concrete, and measureable
  • Goals MUST have deadlines
  • Write your goals down and read them every single day. See your goals so clear that you can visualize them  
  • Dreams are imaginable. Goals are actionable

Action Step: Write down 5-7 goals with deadlines using this criteria

4 – Know Your Why

What’s your purpose? Why are you doing what you’re doing?

People lose their way when they lose their why. Learn to ask yourself better questions.

Action Step: Identify your why for each goal you wrote down in the last action step

5 – Take Action

The easiest method is to break everything you need to do into bite size pieces. Start with the the easiest task on your list followed by your second easiest task. This builds critical momentum so you can continue to the next step.

Action Step: Identify at least one Next Action Step for each goal on your list with a deadline for its completion.

If you are new to internet marketing it’s vital to make every available minute count since you’re likely learning this business in the spare time you have away from your full-time job that pays your monthly bills. If you want to become a full-time professional internet marketer you’re going to have to learn as fast as possible.

6 – Focus, Discipline, The OCD Loop and the devil itself: Multitasking

The internet is an amazing place; almost too amazing at times. It’s easy to lose yourself, and all sense of time while you surf from one page to the next. This is good until you lose control and a sense of direction. Let me explain… 

Like most people you probably start each day by checking your email messages or hopping on your smartphone to see what’s going on.

Afterwards, you’ll likely leave your email application open as you check your affiliate stats and sales. Next, you browse the news sites to see what’s new in the world before you get down to the real work for the day. Right?

After finding several interesting articles to read you’re distracted by headlines leading to other interesting articles on more sites. Then its on to Facebook and Twitter to find out what your friends are up to. Next, you probably check back to see if any new messages have come through. Maybe one email reminds you of an important task you forgot to do yesterday so you immediately get to finishing that.

Before you know it, it’s lunch time and you have almost nothing to show for it. Hours gone and lost forever. Sound familiar? Sure it does, we all do it.

The OCD Loop

Unless stopped forcefully, this behavior will become habitual and you’ll continue to waste time on auto-pilot without even realizing it. This ritual is something that internet marketing legend John Reese calls “the OCD loop“. It’s all a big time-suck.

Consider this fact: Every single time you get distracted it costs you money.

Stop. Read that again.

You need to wake up to this fact: more internet surfing = less incomeocd loop image

So how do we kill this beast called the OCD loop?

The key to avoiding the OCD loop is self awareness; and a plan. Before you finish work each day or night you should write out a simple plan and schedule to follow for the next day. List your daily tasks and rank them in order of importance.

Complete your three most important tasks the next morning before checking email, news, social media, and everything else. If the tasks are time-consuming then break them down even further into individual steps.

Set a goal of how long each task or step should take to complete and hold yourself to it. Set an alarm if you need to so you know you’re on schedule. Don’t allow anything to distract you from your plan. Once you complete the three most important tasks for each day then you can check your email and do all of the other internet business. But schedule a start and end time for that stuff too to make sure you don’t fall back into your old bad habits.

what you’re doing, be honest with yourself, recognize your limitations and weaknesses, and continue to dial in your daily discipline until you’re getting stuff done and following your plan every single day.

That’s how wealth is made in affiliate marketing.

Need more ideas? Here is an excellent video by Jeff Walker on how he kills the OCD Loop beast:

The Myth Of Multitasking

Time and time again the belief that multitasking works is discredited. Do you really think you’re good at doing several things at once? Trust me, you’re not!

Listening to music while you read a book? Driving while talking on the phone? Worse yet – texting while driving? You may think you’re doing both task well but you’re not.

Neuroscience research has proven that our brain doesn’t really do tasks simultaneously even though we think it does. What’s really happening is that that our brain just switches tasks quickly from one thing to another without us even consciously knowing. For example, when you’re driving and then reach for your phone to text message there is a concise stop/start process that goes on in your brain.

That microprocess of stopping and starting again as we switch (unconsciously) from one task to another actually kills our productivity. Rather than saving us time, it costs us time. It leads to more fatigue, makes us less efficient, and often opens us up to more mistakes.

These are complex, technological-driven times and we’re distracted by many more things than our ancestors ever dreamed of. But allow your brain to do what is was designed to do in the first place: performing one task flawlessly to its completion before instructing it to perform the next task.

Replace your multi-tasking consciousness with a single-tasking one. A single-tasking consciousness not only improves your decision-making skills now but lasts late into your senior years. This conclusion was reached in a recent study called “Healthy Brain, Healthy Decisions” sponsored by the MetLife Mature Market Institute.

3 Steps to Single-Tasking

Start your journey toward better brain health by adopting a single-tasking lifestyle in which getting things done sequentially is the rule. Your brain was wired for deep and innovative thinking, but that’s impossible to achieve if you’re trying to make it go in two or more directions at once. It takes a concerted effort to leave the chaotic addiction of multitasking behind, but the benefits are immediate and immense. It will increase your creativity, energy and focus. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Give your brain some down time. You will be more productive if, several times a day, you step away from mentally challenging tasks for three to five minutes. Get some fresh air, for example, or just look out the window. Taking a break will help make room for your next inspired idea because a halt in constant thinking slows the mind’s rhythms to allow more innovative “aha” moments.
  2. Focus deeply, without distraction. Silence your phone, turn off your email and try to perform just one task at a time. Think it’s impossible to break away? Start with 15-minute intervals and work your way up to longer time periods. Giving your full attention to the project at hand will increase accuracy, innovation and speed.
  3. Make a to-do list. Then identify your top two priorities for the day and make sure they are accomplished above all else. Giving the most important tasks your brain’s prime time will make you feel more productive. Or, as Boone Pickens said, “When you are hunting elephants, don’t get distracted chasing rabbits.”*

Simplify your life. Do one thing at a time and do it well. Explode your productivity and income!

If it worked for me; it will work for you too.**

Final Action Step: If you haven’t already done so sign up for the free webinar linked below:

This free webinar will be hosted by best-selling author Michael Hyatt. I cannot impress upon you enough to please join us on this life-changing webinar. Especially if you don’t think you’re earning the kind of money you deserve to earn:

Navigate Your Way to Success in 2018: 5 Blunders that Could Shipwreck Your Goals (and How to Avoid Them)

Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever.

*excerpt from forbes.com

**excerpt from my original post daily discipline

Photo Credit: BramstonePhotography via Compfight cc



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