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4 Ways to Get Long Tail Pro and Make it Pay for Itself

Get Long Tail Pro - Make It Pay for ItselfWhen I finally made the decision the get Long Tail Pro way back in December of 2012 – I honestly had no idea how much this one piece of software would impact everything I do online. I knew that it would help me find more and better keywords right off the bat. But I didn’t know exactly how much it would positively affect my ability to actually make money online. I can say with confidence, that Long Tail Pro is the one tool that has made the biggest difference (by far), in my ability to get traffic to websites and actually earn money online.

Don’t get me wrong. There are lots of other tools that I love and use (and promote) that also make a big difference in everything I do online now. But Long Tail Pro is probably THE most important. Getting search engine traffic to websites 101 doesn’t get more basic than doing good and proper keyword research. And nothing makes keyword research faster and easier than Long Tail Pro. Allow me to explain…

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Actually – I’ll allow somebody else to explain! I could attempt to write 3,000 words and explain it in my own words. But this video does a much better job. Plus – you will be able to consume this content visually and much quicker than trying to read my ramblings (don’t worry – there is plenty of rambling below the video!). Check this out!

Video courtesy of LongTailPro.com

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3 Reasons You Won’t Get Long Tail Pro Today

#1 – The Cost

If you are somewhat new to this whole ‘make money online’ thing – then surely the cost of Long Tail Pro is a major factor for why you haven’t purchased it yet. Believe me – I know! When I first started out – I refused to pay for anything at all. I did everything the free way. I tried doing all of my keyword research with the free tool that Google provides – and my keyword research efforts were terrible! You know how I know? Because my sites weren’t getting any traffic and I wasn’t making any money.

Now that I’ve been using Long Tail Pro for several years to successfully find great keywords – I can confidently tell you that Long Tail Pro will more than pay for itself if you use it properly. Whether you are a blogger, a niche site creator, an affiliate marketer or even just an article writer – doing proper keyword research will help you be more profitable. Doing proper and effective keyword research with Long Tail Pro is super fast and easy. It’s so easy in fact – that it’s not hard at all to offset the cost of the software by putting it to work for you. And I’m going to show you how within this post.

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Long Tail Pro – See Latest Pricing

#2 – Lack of Knowledge

Maybe you don’t know what Long Tail Pro is, how it works or how you can benefit from using it. Obviously – you wouldn’t purchase it if you didn’t know the answer to at least one of those 3 things. Let me help you out…

Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool. Keyword research helps you find exact keywords that people are actually searching for. Some keywords are high competition (meaning it is harder to rank for on your site) and some have lower competition (easier for you to rank). How does Long Tail Pro work? First it finds the actual keywords for you based on the ‘seed keywords’ that you input. Then it helps you analyze the competition to see which keywords will be harder or easier for you to rank. How does this benefit you? You can take those ‘easier to rank’ keywords and use them in your content to increase search engine traffic to your site.

#3 – Stubbornness

This is another common reason people won’t get Long Tail Pro. Their stubbornness can stem from many reasons – including the two mentioned above. Too stubborn to pay for it (can be confused with too cheap to pay). Or too stubborn to learn about the benefits. But the main reason is that lots of people actually think that they are better off without Long Tail Pro. Either they do their keyword research the free (hard) way which takes a LOT of time and knowledge and usually isn’t very effective. Or they use a different keyword research tool which they think is better. Let me just tell you – there is no better or more effective keyword research tool than Long Tail Pro. More than 70,000 marketers can’t be wrong and over the past few years Long Tail Pro has become the standard when it comes to keyword research tools.

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During my 3+ years of using the tool myself – I can’t recall ever seeing or hearing of anybody who has tried Long Tail Pro and thought that it wasn’t the best. Just about everybody in the SEO community seems to wholeheartedly agree that using Long Tail Pro for keyword research is far superior to any other method.

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Quick Long Tail Pro Tutorial (Video)

This video is probably the best overall tutorial of Long Tail Pro that is available. It is put together by none other than the founder of the software himself – Spencer Haws! I could have created my own video in my own words to publish here – but after watching Spencer’s video again – I know that he does a much better job and can explain the software much more clearly than I could have.

Note: This video was recorded with an older (software) version of Long Tail Pro. The new Long Tail Pro Cloud is even better, faster and more robust. I don’t have an overall tutorial video with the new cloud version yet – but the tool essentially works the same. This video will give you a good idea for how it works.

Definitely watch this video if you want a quick overview of exactly how Long Tail Pro works and how powerful it is…

Video courtesy of LongTailPro.com

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Long Tail Pro – Keyword Competitiveness (Important – Best Feature)

Not mentioned in the above video is the Keyword Competitiveness (KC) feature within Long Tail Pro. Previously, you could only access this feature if you paid extra to upgrade to the Platinum version of Long Tail Pro. Pricing structures and the way the software is delivered has evolved over the years – and currently (as of the date I am writing this) all features of the software are included no matter which payment plan you choose. So right now – everybody who buys Long Tail Pro has access to this extremely powerful feature.

So what exactly is Keyword Competitiveness (KC)? It’s only the feature within Long Tail Pro that completely changed the game and made keyword research so ridiculously simple that even a dumb truck driver like me could become an expert! It basically works like this. You click a button then Long Tail Pro calculates a number (between 1 and 100) based on several different SEO factors. Lower numbers mean the keyword is easier to rank for and higher means it is harder to rank for. More on that below…

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How do I know that the KC score measures competition accurately? When I first started using the KC feature – I didn’t know for sure. But I’ve been using it since December of 2012. I’ve published literally hundreds of different articles (in different niches) around keywords with low to medium KC scores and I have a pretty good feel for the accuracy. More than 3 years of successfully ranking for low competition keywords has convinced me to completely trust the KC scores that are calculated within Long Tail Pro.

I also hang out in SEO forums and groups and see KC scores tossed around and talked about and pretty much everybody is on the same page. Most agree that you can’t completely rely on the KC score (there are a few factors that can’t quantitatively be measured with a number) – but that the KC score is a VERY good indicator of the competition level for specific keywords. The following diagram realistically shows exactly what to expect from certain KC scores…

Long Tail Pro KC Key Diagram

Long Tail Pro – Learn More Here

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Dominating Google Search Results with Long Tail Keywords

Before you can put it to use and start making Long Tail Pro pay for itself, you first need to understand exactly what Long Tail Pro does and how it will benefit you. The number one benefit and feature of Long Tail Pro is that it helps you analyze the competition in Google much faster and more effectively than if you tried to do it only using free tools.

Analyzing Current Top 10 Google Results

Analyzing the current top 10 search results in Google is the most important part of keyword research. This is where you determine whether or not you can produce a webpage that can beat any or all of those results. The process is known as first page analysis – and it is by far the hardest process to understand and really figure out (especially when you first start out). Don’t worry though – Long Tail Pro has detailed and in-depth instructional videos available that show you exactly how to do this.

Plus – as mentioned above, the KC score calculation makes this part really easy! I personally rely almost exclusively on the KC score these days when I do keyword research. It is the easiest and fastest way to determine competition levels of keywords and I simply don’t have the time to manually look at current first page results all the time.

Targeting Long Tail Keywords

Am I worried that my keyword research might not be effective since I only look at the KC score? No. Not really. Because I tend to target only the longer tail keywords these days. I don’t go after the huge main keywords anymore. They’re too hard to rank for. But long tail keywords are really easy to find with Long Tail Pro and they are usually much easier to rank for.

What do I mean by ‘long tail keywords’? A typical long tail keyword usually contains more words (at least 4 – sometimes 6 or more) and has fewer monthly searches.

Why would I want to target keywords with fewer monthly searches? Doesn’t that mean I would get less traffic to my website? Actually, it works the opposite of the way it would seem. You actually get more traffic more easily by targeting longer tail keywords. Here is why…

  1. Long tail keywords are easier to rank. Getting a little bit of traffic for a keyword that is actually ranking is better than getting no traffic for a keyword that isn’t ranking.
  2. As traffic and engagement to your site increases – you tend to get found for even more keywords than you purposely targeted. People will actually search for phrases (keywords) that exist in your articles that you weren’t even targeting on purpose.

Tip: Instead of targeting large keywords (with lots of monthly searches) in one main article – try targeting lots of long tail keywords in lots of different articles. I’ve been having success with this strategy for a long time now – and more recently Spencer and his team at Niche Pursuits have been using this strategy and talking extensively about it.

Get Long Tail Pro Today!

4 Ways to Make Long Tail Pro Pay for Itself

Here is the part of this post that we’ve all been waiting for. How to make Long Tail Pro pay for itself! I can tell you with absolute certainty that all of this isn’t just fluff designed to try to get you to buy the product. I’ve actually done all 4 of these things – and I continue to do the top 3 to this day! This stuff really works and I make WAY more than enough money, as a result of using Long Tail Pro, to pay for itself.

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#1 – Target Long Tail Keywords on Any Website or Blog

This one is a no-brainer and is a strategy that everybody who has a blog should be using. Simply target long tail keywords for most or all of your posts and bring in traffic that maybe wouldn’t otherwise have landed on your site. There are 2 ways you can do this…

  1. Do keyword research with Long Tail Pro first to find a topic to write about based on general topic ideas using seed keywords.
  2. Write about a certain topic and then do keyword research and optimize that article for a specific long tail keyword.

Let me show you an example. I just surfed over to a very popular blog called The Art of Manliness to find an example topic. One of the articles on their homepage was this one about how to pick a lock. I browsed through the article and found it to be very interesting and informative. But I think it could have been optimized a little bit better – specifically, they could have optimized it to sell Amazon products. Maybe that isn’t their business model – but I’ll show you what I would have done anyway.

I opened up a new project in Long Tail Pro and inserted just one seed keyword – how to pick a lock. Long Tail Pro gave me 789 keywords. I then set filters to show me only results with 90 to 200 global searches per month and at least 5 words in each keyword. I was left with 49 results. Of those 49 – I scanned through and hit the ‘Calculate’ button in the Keyword Competitiveness column for several of them (you can also have the software calculate KC scores for all keywords – but this takes longer). I came up with the following results…

Long Tail Pro - Lock Picking

As you can see – I found some great long tail keywords that get a decent amount of monthly searches and have very low KC scores. These could easily have been optimized for within this exact same article! Not only could they have written about these keywords – but they could have linked to Amazon to sell products based on these keywords and could be making recurring commissions from visitors who come to this blog post month after month and buy those products!

How to Optimize an Article for a Specific Keyword or Keywords

Optimizing an article for specific keywords is actually quite easy. Simply place your exact keyword in the following places within the post (or page)…

  • In the post title – Your Keyword Here
  • In the URL – http://matt76allen.wpengine.com/your-keyword-here/
  • In the META description for the post
  • In the first sentence of the first paragraph (bold or italics if it makes sense)
  • In at least one sub heading with an H2 tag (Heading 2)
  • In 1% or less of the content (if the post is 700 words, use keyword at least a few times, but no more than 7)
  • In the last paragraph somewhere (bold or italics if it makes sense)
  • In the ALT tag of an image within the post (I usually make the Title tag and the image file name the same)
  • Add the exact keyword as a Tag in WordPress (unless it is already a Category) – Your Keyword Here

Tip: If using WordPress – use the free Yoast SEO plugin. It pretty much walks you through everything I listed above and lets you know if you missed anything.

I hope it’s easy enough for you to clearly see how pretty much any website page or blog post can be slightly modified in order to get optimized around a certain keyword. For the lock picking example – they could easily change the title of that article, add some subheadings and a few paragraphs and have it optimized for some really low competition keywords. Keywords that would likely produce affiliate commissions from Amazon month after month after month.

There really is NO reason that every single website or blog shouldn’t be using this technique – unless more traffic isn’t their goal. Long Tail Pro makes this process SO fast and easy that it really is a no-brainer!

Get Long Tail Pro Today!

#2 – Create a Small Niche Website

This is a really straight-forward strategy. Contrary to popular opinion – small niche websites can actually still work. Basically, you create a small website that is hyper-focused on one long tail keyword. You create the very best resource on that specific topic and publish the very best content on the internet based around that long tail keyword. Monetize with something simple like Adsense, Amazon or another affiliate product – then just sit back and watch the money roll in every month!

If only it were that easy – right? I’ll be the first to admit – it’s not always that easy. I’ve created lots and lots of these types of sites over the past few years – and only a handful of them worked out. It can be a very hit or miss thing. But I do have one site in particular that I would like to highlight for you. It happens to be the very first niche website that I ever created! Why highlight this specific site? Because my very first attempt at a niche site happens to still earn more than enough money each month to pay for the expenses associated with Long Tail Pro! Check out the screenshot below from my Adsense account which shows stats for just this one site for exactly one year previous from the day that I am writing this post.

Adsense Screenshot - small niche site - one year

A few things to note about this site…

  • I started this site in May of 2012 – it is hyper-focused on one obscure long tail keyword
  • The site topic is somewhat seasonal in nature – which is why you see increased income during summer months
  • Note – Adsense income still averages more than $50/month in off-season (enough to pay for Long Tail Pro!)
  • Only 12 articles posted on this site and a few general pages (Privacy Policy, About, etc.)
  • Most articles published within the first month or two that the site was built – a few more about a year later
  • Zero manual link building efforts – any links pointing to the site are 100% natural
  • $1233.55 earned in the past year – not bad for a site that I haven’t touched in well over a year!

If you already create niche websites, you can clearly see how everything I’ve discussed above will benefit you. In fact, you probably already understood all of it. But maybe you are a blogger who has never thought of creating a niche website. Is this you? Let me tell you – if you can create a blog, you can create a niche website. It is not hard at all to create a small site, laser focused on a very specific topic, that will earn at least enough to make Long Tail Pro pay for itself.

Get Long Tail Pro Today!

#3 – Become an Affiliate for Long Tail Pro

This might be the easiest way to make Long Tail Pro pay for itself. I’m pretty sure that the affiliate program is open to anybody (even if you don’t currently own the product). Simply get signed up and then promote it any way you see fit (within the Terms of Service, of course). If you couldn’t tell, I’ve been doing this for quite awhile via this blog and I’ve earned a healthy sum of money over the years as a result.

Currently, the affiliate commission for Long Tail Pro is a generous 30%! The affiliate commissions I’ve earned from promoting Long Tail Pro since I’ve owned it have WAY more than made up for what I paid for the tool and for what I continue to pay. It’s kind of a no-brainer to promote Long Tail Pro as an affiliate if you have the platform to do so.

I was going to post screenshots here showing my numbers for the past year – but the dashboards in the old affiliate platforms (Clickbank and JVZoo) don’t provide the best visuals – so I’ll just show you my total affiliate income for the past year. In one year (March 13, 2015 to March 13, 2016) I earned $3867.60 in commissions for promoting Long Tail Pro. Not bad for having just a mildly popular ‘passive income blog’ and only a small email list!

Understandably – not everybody who buys Long Tail Pro will have the audience or platform to be able to promote as an affiliate. For example – a food blogger’s audience won’t care about a keyword research tool. So even if affiliate promotion won’t work for you – I hope I’ve shown how the tool will more than pay for itself if used for what it is intended for.

Long Tail Pro – See Latest Pricing

#4 – Sell Keyword Research as a Service

Remember how I mentioned above that even a dumb truck driver like me could become a keyword research expert? Well – you can become an expert too if you get Long Tail Pro. The KC score is so widely accepted as a legitimate indicator of competition levels for keywords that you just need to provide that and others will be willing to pay you for it.

How do I know this? Because I’ve done it! In late 2013 I was still struggling to earn a respectable income online. I started up a keyword research service and marketed it to just this blog audience. It turned out to be quite popular. Basically – I would find niches using Long Tail Pro then create Keyword Research Packages. Each package contained usually several hundred keywords with KC scores calculated. I was selling these packages for anywhere between $97 to $147. I even sold one single package for $597! That one had very high search volumes and very low competition.

I ended up discontinuing my keyword research service in August of 2014. The non-passive nature of the whole service oriented business model was driving me crazy. But check this out – in 2014 alone I netted $4,616 selling keyword research packages!

What if I don’t have an SEO blog or an audience to sell to? No problem. Although I’ve never done it myself – I know you could easily find people willing to pay for keyword research on popular platforms like Fiverr or UpWork. Like I stated above – Long Tail Pro will make you an expert and people will be willing to pay you for your expertise!

Long Tail Pro – Learn More Here

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Long Tail Pro Review

This entire post so far has been kind of a long review for Long Tail Pro. So let’s just re-cap real quick. Long Tail Pro is widely accepted as the best keyword research tool available and has become the industry standard. Unfortunately – you won’t buy it for one of these reasons…

  1. The Cost
  2. Lack of Knowledge
  3. Stubbornness

But maybe you didn’t watch the tutorial video yet. Or maybe you didn’t know about the extremely powerful KC feature. Maybe you didn’t know how quickly, easily and effectively you could analyze Google top 10 search results with Long Tail Pro. And maybe you didn’t even know how profitable it can be to simply target just the really long tail keywords.

Fortunately for you – I have 4 proven strategies that I’ve successfully used that will make Long Tail Pro pay for itself…

  1. Target Long Tail Keywords on Any Website or Blog
  2. Create a Small Niche Website
  3. Become an Affiliate for Long Tail Pro
  4. Sell Keyword Research as a Service

I’ve done all of these and they work! I continue to do the top 3 things today. I have never had any regrets when it comes to how much I’ve had to pay to keep using Long Tail Pro. It is absolutely worth every single penny – and then some!

Long Tail Pro – See Latest Pricing

Get Long Tail Pro Today!

What are you waiting for? Today is the first day of the rest of your internet marketing life. Yesterday would have been a better day to get Long Tail Pro. Tomorrow might be okay too. But today is even better. I’m telling you – when I first got my copy of Long Tail Pro – I was like a kid at Christmas time. It was SO much fun opening up new possibilities that I didn’t have without Long Tail Pro.

If you want traffic flooding to your site or sites from search engines (and who doesn’t?), then good keyword research is a must. Long Tail Pro not only provides that – it makes keyword research extremely fast and really fun.

Get Long Tail Pro Today!

Long Tail Pro Download

How do I access my download for Long Tail Pro after I purchase? Just watch your email inbox for the email address you used when you made the purchase. All instructions will be sent there. Make sure you put those initial emails in a Save folder so you can access them later if you need to.

Long Tail Pro Price

Pricing plans and pricing structures for Long Tail Pro have changed several times over the years since I first purchased it. I’m not going to make the mistake of publishing any pricing information here. I’ve done that in the past on this blog and I still have several old posts that are live with incorrect pricing information. There is a good chance that people will still be reading this very post several years from now – and surely the pricing that is available today will be different in the future. Just like it was way different in the past. Please click on any of my links within this post or anywhere else on my site to see the latest prices for Long Tail Pro.

Long Tail Pro – See Latest Pricing

Long Tail Pro Discount

From time-to-time – there are discounts or promotions available for Long Tail Pro. Whenever these become available – all links on my site that lead to the Long Tail Pro sales page will reflect the discounted price. If there is a huge sale or a massive deal – I always let my email subscribers know about it as soon as possible. If you’re not on my email list yet – feel free to sign up by clicking the button below. I’ll even send you one of my FREE guides!

FREE Guide – Producing Content for Amazon Niche Sites

Exclusive Discount for Readers of Dumb Passive Income!

If you are reading this – then today is YOUR lucky day! The affiliate manager for Long Tail Pro reached out to me and asked me if I would be interested in promoting an exclusive deal for my readers and subscribers. In fact – if you happened to click on any of the links above that lead to LongTailPro.com – then you may have already seen the deals.

  • Any buyer (monthly or annual) through my exclusive sales page will receive access to Long Tail University for FREE! ($197 value)
    • Normal offer gives Long Tail University ONLY to Annual subscribers
      • Annual subscribers get it automatically
      • Monthly subscribers – you may have to email support and let them know you were promised Long Tail University through this exclusive Dumb Passive Income offer – they will get it to you promptly
  • 54% savings if you choose the Annual Pro plan – you get for ONLY $31/month! ($372/year)<<<Best Deal!
    • Regular price for the Annual Pro plan is $67/month ($804/year)
    • Other discounts you will find offer ONLY 33% savings at $45/month ($540/year)
  • 30% savings if you choose the Monthly Pro plan – you get for ONLY $47/month!
    • Regular price for the Monthly Pro plan is $67/month
    • NO other discounted pricing offered

Long Tail Pro Discount - Dumb Passive Income Exclusive

Jump on this deal while you can! It won’t last forever and will end at any time…

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Affiliate Disclosure

All links in this post (and anywhere else on this site) that lead to the Long Tail Pro sales page are indeed affiliate links. I will receive a commission if you choose to purchase after clicking through via one of my links. I truly appreciate your support and Thank You in advance if you choose to do so.

Image Credit – “Lizard Embrace” by Elizabeth via Flickr

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