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A Commitment to Community – CEO Claudia Della Mora Supports Foster Care Counts on Mother’s Day Event

A Commitment to Community – CEO Claudia Della Mora Supports Foster Care Counts on Mother’s Day Event

CEO Claudia Della Mora Gives Back to the Community and Works to Support Foster Families on Mother’s Day with Foster Care Counts.

Online PR News – 20-May-2016 – A Commitment to Community – CEO Claudia Della Mora Supports Foster Care Counts on Mother’s Day Event.

In the fast-paced, career-centered lifestyle characteristic of today’s professional population, it’s easy to forget about giving back to your community when you’d rather be enjoying focusing on your personal endeavors in your precious little free time. For Claudia Della Mora, however, the two go hand in hand.

Over the years, the CEO of Black Legend Capital, LLC has committed herself to volunteering her time to numerous organizations assisting those in need, a pursuit she finds very personally rewarding. When asked what the driving force was behind her passion for helping the needy, Claudia said, “Since I was a little girl in Italy, my mother instilled in me a great appreciation for what God had blessed us with, and told me to always share what we are gifted with. The fortunate are the ones who recognize the opportunity to give.” Almost on a weekly basis, Claudia is asked to join the boards of the most recognized non-profit organizations around the world. She wishes she could work with all of them and spend equal time between them, but there simply are not enough hours in the day. Therefore, she gives as much as she can to those causes which touch her heart the most, like Foster Care Counts.

On Mother’s Day at the Willows Community School in Culver City, California, Foster Care Counts hosted their eighth annual Foster Mother’s Day event. Foster Care Counts, a non-profit branch of the Pritzker Foundation, partnered with corporations likeTarget, Nestle, Wolfgang Puck, The Book Foundation, and more to celebrate everything that foster parents give, and the foster youth that they selflessly take it upon themselves to care for.

Claudia, along with hundreds of other dedicated volunteers like her, worked with Foster Care Counts to organize the event, which is filled with food, entertainment, relaxation, and fun for the 2,000 foster parents and children that attended. Highlights included a kids’ area with games and activities, spa treatments, and family portraits to commemorate the day. Of how the experience enriched her life, Claudia said, “I am honored to be able to serve the foster community and be involved with such an amazing organization like Foster Care Counts. Supporting this Mother’s Day event taught me a lot, and finally gave a deeper meaning and purpose to the skills and challenges we face daily in the business world.”

Claudia continues to be actively involved in her community and offers her skills to various community service and outreach efforts like Foster Care Counts when she is not working.

About Claudia Della Mora
Ms. Della Mora is the Co-Founder of Black Legend Capital, a financial advisory and investment firm focused on energy projects & consumer products. During her tenure at Black Legend Capital, she successfully invested, assisted in the capitalization, and helped business develop small-cap oil companies in the United states, and has also structured oil & gas partnerships in several U.S. states, and in Ecuador, Central America. Ms. Della Mora has been involved in many LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) projects in the U.S., as well as many commodity trades worldwide. She has personally advised also Chinese conglomerates in their U.S. oil & gas investments. Ms. Della Mora served as a partner at OFS Capital Group, a financial advisory firm and merchant bank based in Hong Kong, where she was responsible for fundraising and taking public in the U.S. market coal & gold mines based in Indonesia and other parts of Asia. Prior to that, she was employed in the Gaming & Lodging Group at Bank of America Securities LLC/ Merrill Lynch in Los Angeles, where she successfully advised and funded companies such as MGM, Dubai World and Wynn Resorts. Ms. Della Mora also worked as an investment banker in the Consumer Products Group at Partnership Capital Growth Advisors in San Francisco and at Hadley Partners Inc. in Los Angeles, where she advised food companies and chain of retailers. She graduated with a BA in Economics and a minor in Mathematics from the University of California at Berkeley.

About Black Legend Capital, LLC
Black Legend Capital is an investment bank and M&A advisory group based in Los Angeles with satellite offices in Houston, New York and London. Black Legend Capital was founded in 2011 by former Merrill Lynch and Duff & Phelps senior investment bankers involved in over $13bn transactions in the USA, and focuses on energy, consumer products and technology. Black Legend Capital partners with corporations and management teams to provide strategy and consulting resources to facilitate industry projects to generate leading returns for clients.

Black Legend Capital, LLC
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Los Angeles, California 90025
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“The fortunate are the ones who recognize the opportunity to give.”

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