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A Community to Give Your Affiliate Marketing a LIFT

Many years ago, I created this blog to be able to provide a way to share my experiences with affiliate marketing and to talk about what I have been doing.

Over those years, my articles have been read millions of times. It’s been a humbling and exciting experience to watch my work appreciated by others.

The big issue with a blog is that it’s very hard to build a community experience. Sure, many of you comment on the articles and there are some decent discussions going in the comments, but those are easily lost and forgotten.

So, a few months ago, I decided I wanted to build a community for everyone I’m able to reach who is interested in affiliate marketing.

Not only do I want to build a community, but I want it to be the best community of it’s kind and I want everyone within that community to be able to benefit immensely from it.

Not one to let this type of challenge fade into oblivion, I immediately started planning how I would go about it.

And, on April 30th, I launched affLIFT.

While it’s only just over 3 weeks old, the community at affLIFT is already starting to look a lot like what I had envisioned.

affLIFT forum

We’ve already had nearly 1,700 people join the community and that number is increasing daily as more and more affiliates hear about what we’re doing.

I am posting video lessons a few times a week showing a wide array of different affiliate marketing strategies and guides including:

The discussions within the forum have been fantastic already. There’s a follow along campaign I am doing on PropellerAds that has 3 different videos explaining how I setup the campaign and now how I’m optimizing it to get it profitable.


We also had our first digital meetup on the forum this week on Monday. This is going to be a meeting we do as a community a few times a month on Monday nights.

The next one will be more of a webinar format where everyone will attend the webinar and I’ll show examples for whatever traffic source the community decides we should talk about.

We’re calling it the Monday LIFTUP because I want it to be a way for us all to get together and plan our attack for the week. What did we learn from last week and what actions are we going to take this week to improve our campaigns and affiliate marketing?

This is only the beginning for affLIFT. Here are what some members have been saying so far…

Now, before you jump out of your seat, it’s important that you know that affLIFT is what I call a premium affiliate marketing community. What does that mean?

Premium Affiliate Marketing Community

It means it requires investment in the form of a membership to join. I have a lot of experience with the freeloaders in the industry. We (the community) want people who are serious about trying to make money with affiliate marketing and taking their affiliate marketing to the next level (the LIFT).

However, I do want affLIFT to be the affordable for everyone. I know that paying $100/month is out of the question for a lot of new affiliates.

You can currently get a monthly membership to affLIFT for just $20/month and there are a bunch of great options for those of you who want to pay less than that and really hold yourself accountable.

Membership Options

  • $20/month
  • $200/year
  • $350 LIFETIME (limited time option)

We’re also currently offering a 6-month membership for $100 (1 month free).

Most of our members are lifetime members. They want to grow with the community and really understand the value.

I have an hour long video on affLIFT that literally shows you all of my campaigns on ZeroPark that are currently generating about $10,000 a month. You won’t be able to copy them, but learning everything I show in that video cost me about $25,000 so a $350 membership doesn’t seem so bad 🙂

We would love to have every reader of this blog as a part of our community. Register today and check us out!

BUT WAIT! There’s more!

Here’s a tour video I posted on YouTube shortly after affLIFT launched. Feel free to watch it and let me know if you have any questions.

Let’s make some money!

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