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ADdays Eastern Europe Is Coming

ADdays Eastern Europe Is Coming!

Last year was a very eventful year at ADdays. As you may know, I have participated as an attendee and as a speaker in many events of the past year. Now, in new 2018, we should look forward to the adventures of this year and I guess it is a good time to tell you about one very interesting digital conference. So, let me cover one of the first major affiliate events of 2018 – ADdays Eastern Europe conference.

Who Are ADdays?

Maybe some of you still are not really familiar with these guys. Then check their website and you will gain a deeper insight here. ADdays conferences are the CPA marketing events that already have recommended themselves in Vietnam and Chile. You can enjoy photo and video reports on their official FB page.

Why Attend ADdays?

So many digital conferences all around the world, why I tell you specifically about ADdays’ one? I’ll answer you why. I believe that many of you attended different soirees where, as you could see, organizers and exhibitors aim to make money as much as possible and don’t care about the usefulness and relevance of the information. To be honest, such events are made only for exhibitors, not for affiliates.

ADdays conference tells “no” to marketing speeches, greed, and widespread aggressive branding! I have first-hand knowledge that here all the speeches are focused on real cases and every guest may participate in actual information exchange in a friendly atmosphere. I know the main initiator of these conferences, so, I may surely say that the attitude to every attendee is very welcoming and amicable. Besides, it is a good chance for affiliates to know more about Eastern Europe growing market, as 70-80% of guests will be presented by local affiliates and companies with a lot of potentials.

What’s In It For You?

The program of ADdays Budapest is focused on affiliate marketing, media – buying and traffic monetization, thus, the speeches are going to be really informative and full of practical tips  What else, these guys make really hot afterparties! Of course, the main aim of attending such events is to meet experienced and authoritative persons who can teach many useful things. But afterparty gives a real chance to bring beginners and experts together on a personal level, communicate together in the informal atmosphere and just relax!

When And Where Is It?

This year ADdays digital event will be held in the capital of Hungary InterContinental Budapest on March, 3. All information about the placement check here.

Want to join us? Contact managers (you can find info on the homepage) and check all details you need by clicking here.

By the way, tickets (Advanced and VIP) are already available for sale and you can buy them now with this special discount. So, hurry up, my friends, time is running and ADdays Eastern Europe is near at hand!

  • Announcement post from Varvara K. 


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