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Affiliate Marketing Traffic Sources I’ve Tried in 2018

I have spent 2018 focused on testing a few different traffic sources with my affiliate marketing campaigns and thought it might be fun to a post to explain what sources I’ve tried and how my campaigns performed.

A majority of the traffic I have run this year has been with PPV traffic sources. This is mainly because my biggest source with my most profitable campaigns was with a PPV network so I scaled by trying new traffic sources in that same channel.

We also have a ton of discussion around PPV in the PPV sub-forum on affLIFT which is driving me to test more of those traffic sources.

With all that being said, my biggest traffic source in 2018 so far has been ZeroPark.


I first reviewed ZeroPark on this blog in 2014. A lot has changed since that review, but one thing hasn’t, ZeroPark is fantastic.

One of the things I like about ZeroPark and what keeps me coming back to them is their platform. It’s self-serve and really easy to use. If you setup your campaigns properly, you can do all your optimizations right within ZeroPark without even having to use a 3rd party tracker. But, it also integrates directly into the Voluum tracker (which ZeroPark also owns) and makes doing other analysis on your campaigns super easy.

My campaigns on ZeroPark have started to underperform where they were earlier this year, but I will continue to test their traffic with new affiliates offers for the rest of the year.

If you are interested in domain redirects or pop traffic, you should definitely give them a try.

I also have 3 video lessons available on affLIFT about ZeroPark including this one that is over an hour long and explains how I optimized my campaigns to a consistent high ROI with thousands of dollars in ad spend.


TONIC (formally DNTX) has been around awhile and I have published a few articles about them (including this TONIC guide last year).

They are a little more strict about what offers you can promote than ZeroPark is, but I have enjoyed high ROIs with them all year. TONIC also seems to have less traffic than ZeroPark does, but their traffic converts a bit better.

I recommend starting your campaign on TONIC and then scaling to ZeroPark. If it converts on TONIC, it will likely convert on ZeroPark.

PopAds and PopCash

I am combining these two pop traffic sources because they are very similar. I would compare PopAds to ZeroPark simply because it seems to have more traffic than PopCash, but PopCash seems to convert a little better for me.

The thing that most affiliates like about PopAds and PopCash is that they have a low barrier of entry. The minimum deposits on both is very low.

  • PopCash – $5
  • PopAds – $10 

So, if you are looking for pop traffic source (I primarily use ZeroPark and TONIC for domain redirect traffic) then these two are worth a try and if you are looking for offers that will accept that pop traffic, take a look at these from PeerFlyOffers.com!

Bing Ads

In 2013, I wrote an article about promoting affiliate offers with Bing Ads. Not a whole lot has changed with Bing Ads since then, but you are required that your destination URL matches the final landing page URL. That can cause issues for affiliates wanting to direct link an affiliate offer, so most are now creating their own landing pages to promote on Bing Ads.

I have been testing using an iFrame to promote my affiliate link and that seems to be doing pretty well. I have spoken with multiple representatives from Bing and they have no issue with using iFrames.

I have not found and scaled any big campaigns on Bing Ads yet, but I am going to keep working at it. They have a ton of traffic and it seems like it could be an affiliate goldmine still.

If you want to try Bing Ads, sign up here and you get a $100 credit when you spend $25.

Facebook Ads

Last, but not least, I am still spending a lot of money on Facebook Ads. Some of my best affiliate campaigns I have been able to scale have been using Facebook Ads.

The thing I love about Facebook Ads (besides the amazing targeting) is that you can use your ads to also build an audience and brand. I have built an audience of over 3,500,000 people who Like my Facebook Pages. For the most part, I am already ROI positive on growing that audience. So, anything I advertise to them now and in the future is pure profit and I automatically post to this entire audience daily using FPTraffic.

We have discussions going on within the affLIFT community about Facebook Ads and I have a video lesson here showing how to direct link a PeerFly offer using Facebook Ads. It’s definitely worth a look!

So far, 2018 has been a pretty great year for me and my affiliate marketing campaigns. I am excited to be running successful campaigns across the traffic sources I have mentioned above and I hope you will be able to find that success as well before the year is over.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. Let’s make some money!

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