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Affiliate Summit East Wrap-up (#ASE16)

There were many reasons I was excited to attend the Affiliate Summit East conference again this year. Most of them involve eating, but a few involve business as well.

Business at Affiliate Summit seems to improve each year. It’s a great opportunity for our team at PeerFly to meet up with our current clients and publishers. It’s amazing the amount of business you can conduct over a few drinks or a meal. We work in a global industry and many of our larger clients (for example: Booking.com) are based outside of the United States. We can do millions of dollars a year in business with these companies and only meet face-to-face a few times a year. It’s an incredible feat and it makes those in-person meetings even more important (and fun).

I believe one reason the business we pull from Affiliate Summit seems to improve each year is because our team has refined how to more effectively use the time at the conference.

Last year, we only did a Meet Market table and used the rest of the time for meetings. This year, we did the opposite. We purchased booth space in the Exhibit Hall and spread our meetings throughout the Sunday Meet Market and when we had time on Monday and Tuesday during the Exhibit Hall.

We decided to stick with an Exhibit Hall booth rather than a Meet Market table simply because we found that we are able to get more valuable business from the booth. The Meet Market is great, but it’s jam packed and it’s very hard to have a conversation. The Exhibit Hall can get busy, but for the most part you’re actually able to have a nice conversation with each person that stops by your booth and see if there’s any opportunities to do business together. With our nice looking booth and awesome shirts, we had a ton of people stop and got a lot of business from it!

Affiliate Summit East 2016 Pictures

Pumping Cash

One of the most common things I hear from people I talk to people at Affiliate Summit is how awesome they think our PeerFly shirts are.

We have been giving out branded shirts at Affiliate Summit since 2011. People often say “I wear your shirt all the time at the gym” so this year we went with a “Pumping Cash” theme and got our bird super ripped and muscular (shown above). We got the design printed on a premium material shirt so they’d be comfortable to wear and everyone l talked to was excited about their awesome new shirt.

The Food

I believe New York City has some of the best food on the planet and while we’re there I always try to take advantage of the opportunity to eat like a king.

My favorite restaurant by far is Del Frisco’s. We ate at Del Frisco’s on Tuesday night as a celebration for a job well done. Another really cool place we ate at while in New York was Tao. Tao has an awesome atmosphere and really good food.


The Atmosphere

Something I’ve discussed a few times in past Affiliate Summit wrap-up posts is how the atmosphere of the conference changes your mindset. It gets you excited about your affiliate marketing and pumps your brain with ideas.

I always come back from Affiliate Summit with a pile of work to do for PeerFly and another pile of work I want to do on my affiliate campaigns. For example, this year there was a ton of discussion around native ads. Native ads (content ads) are nothing new and have been a trend in the industry for a few years now, but all the exciting discussion around it was a big nudge for my to test new campaigns.

I also had a nice conversation with a friend of mine while I was there about a campaign I had previously been running. I decided to go ahead and restart it shortly after getting back from the conference and I’ve seen 100%+ ROI every day since.

If you have never attended an Affiliate Summit then I highly recommend you start saving and planning for Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas. It’s not until January so that gives you plenty of time to prepare yourself.

If you do decide to attend, make sure to let me know beforehand so I can set aside an awesome PeerFly shirt for you and we can grab an awesome meal 🙂

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