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Ann Marie Puig Eyes Prime Real Estate Close To Future Texas Tech Costa Rica Campus

Ann Marie Puig Eyes Prime Real Estate Close To Future Texas Tech Costa Rica Campus

Ann Marie Puig is set to invest in prime real estate near the new Texas Tech University campus site, to develop entrepreneurial ventures in the near future.

Online PR News – 20-December-2016 – Texas Tech University, in close coordination with Promerica Bank and the Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE), has announced the construction of its second international campus. Texas Tech Costa Rica will be the first offshore campus to award degrees from this prestigious university. Doors are set to open in Spring 2018, for approximately 1300 students interested in fields like Engineering, Computer Science, Math and Hospitality, among others.

Construction will take place in Escaz, near the prestigious Avenida Escaz shopping center. This is already a busy commercial and residential area, with real estate prices among the highest in the country. Despite the existing services, new entrepreneurial opportunities will surely arise as the campus starts operating and continues to grow thru its three planned stages. With this in mind, Ann Marie Puig has already been eyeing prime real estate in the area, to invest in what is already a promising business development area.

The exact nature of Puigs new businesses is undisclosed but its been hinted that they might go along the lines of affordable housing and other related services, geared specifically to the needs of college students.

Furthermore, Puig has made it clear that Texas Techs presence in Costa Rica, represents much more than a business opportunity for entrepreneurs like her; it will not only generate many desperately needed jobs but represents a priceless resource for Costa Ricans to obtain a world class education, while at home.


“Proximity to the campus will greatly determine the success of all new ventures that arise to service this new population. For this reason, it is imperative that we secure prime locations as soon as possible.”

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