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Mux (YC W16) is hiring to help build the Stripe for video

Article URL: https://mux.com/jobs?hnj=stripe Comments URL: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=25940793 Points: 1 # Comments: 0

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Lowkey (YC S18) is hiring a founding designer (and engineers) who like games

Article URL: https://www.notion.so/Lowkey-Job-Board-39a26c1b4a00493fadc26249185df748 Comments URL: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=25075228 Points: 1 # Comments: 0

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New comment by DDR0 in "Ask HN: Who wants to be hired? (August 2020)"

Location: Vancouver, BC Remote: Yes Willing to relocate: No Technologies: video cameras, industrial UI design, Javascript / ECMAScript, HTML5, CSS, Node, Bash, Linux, Python 2/3, Git, Anura FFL, GNU Make, Scrum / Agile development, technical writing, Unicode, API design, mentoring, etc. Résumé/CV: https://ddr0.ca/files/personal/resume.pdf Email: [email protected] I recently finished a stint …

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Lazy Lantern (YC S19) Is Hiring a Recent ML/stats/math PhD in Paris

Article URL: https://angel.co/company/lazylantern/jobs/770709-recent-ml-stats-math-phd Comments URL: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=22748052 Points: 1 # Comments: 0

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Happiness achieved in Euless, TX… $48,000.00 in Unsecured Financing!

Our client was in need of financing to offset his business start-up costs. His business plan and goals were exceptional, and now he can make those a reality. We are glad our client didn’t miss this opportunity. They will be able to have funds for working capital and continue to …

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