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How to Make Your Podcast SEO Friendly

Podcasting. You’ve heard about it before and I bet you’ve even listened to a handful of podcasts. But you probably haven’t created one yet. Just think of it this way… There are over 1 billion blogs and roughly 7 billion people in this world. That’s 1 blog for every 7 …

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New comment by jczhang in "Ask HN: Who wants to be hired? (January 2020)"

Location: Los Angeles Willing to relocate: Yes Résumé/CV: Available on request LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jayseezhang Email: [email protected] Former software engineer and analytics consultant looking to transition to PM roles.

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Just Funded… $137,000 in Account Receivable Financing

One of our electrical contractor clients just secured $137,000 in account receivable financing! They were looking to get more of their profits re-invested into their business, but instead were waiting up to 90 days just to get paid on work they had done! So we secured $137,000 in account receivable …

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30 Common SEO Questions That You Should Know ( + Answers)

I remember when I was first introduced to SEO, besides knowing that it’s something about getting higher rankings on search engines, I had almost zero knowledge about it and had to learn up everything as quickly as possible. Problem was, SEO is a wide-ranging subject that you can’t really master …

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