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How to Create The Perfect Call-to-Action

Sign up. Buy now. Learn more. None of these common call-to-action triggers will probably get you the desired result, because your target audience is more knowledgeable than ever before. If you want to learn how to write the perfect call-to-action that’ll captivate your target audience, educate them and increase your conversions, this …

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New comment by nimblehq in "Ask HN: Who is hiring? (April 2021)"

Nimble | Bangkok, Thailand | Fulltime | ONSITE | Visa/Work Permit + Relocation assistance | https://nimblehq.co/ We are a team of designers, software developers and product owners building outstanding web and mobile applications for companies of all sizes, from 1-person startups to Fortune 500 companies. We take a product development …

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‘Jim Eagle’ and Georgia’s Voting Law

Biden compares state voting bills to Jim Crow, never mind the facts. The post ‘Jim Eagle’ and Georgia’s Voting Law appeared first on ROI Credit Builders.

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The 6 Best Digital Marketing Companies of 2020

Digital marketing covers everything from SEO and content marketing to email campaigns, social media strategy, and video marketing too.  With new digital marketing companies popping up left and right offering a bit of everything (and truly speaking to no one), it’s no surprise you’re having a hard time finding the …

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Email Marketing in 2019: Are You Utilizing Its Power?

Email Marketing in 2019: Are You Utilizing Its Power? When it comes to marketing online, you can’t afford to ignore something as valuable as email marketing. In 2019, it is still going strong and is possibly one of the best strategies for your business. You might wonder, with so many …

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