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BiQ Rewards Program – Blogging Your Way To Winning $1,000

Remember that time when we announced our collaboration with BiQ SEO Suite? They’ve been prepping for the big day and today, we’re psyched to announce some new updates from them!

For those of you who are here for the first time, here’s a little recap on BiQ. BiQ short for Business Intelligent Quotient. It is the world’s first SEO suite that democratizes pricing and lets you scale as your needs grow. 

The BiQ team strongly believes in the statement, “Pay Only For What You Use & Don’t Pay For What You Don’t Use” and is what makes them different from the rest of the SEO tools out there. This means that you will be able to achieve granular cost control and grow your businesses effectively.

Running A Giveaway

In honor of BiQ SEO Suite’s opening, they are hosting a “BiQ Rewards Program” from 16th May till the 30th of June 2020. We here at SEOPressor are happy to be partners with BiQ to work on this exciting program. 

The premise of the program is simple – write a blog post or create a video and publish it on your website #BiQRewardsProgram.

The winning entries will bring home cash prizes that could go all the way up to $1,000 (if all judging criteria are met). That’s one great incentive to bring your business to the next level!

Everyone from BiQ believes that the Rewards Program will give them the opportunity to meet ambitious and motivated entrants by providing them with an SEO tool users will need to achieve sustainable growth.

How Can I Enter?

For starters, the reward program is open to ALL BiQ users who have signed up for a free account. (Note: Employees and anyone affiliated with the brand will not be allowed to participate)

BiQ has made it simple for entrants to participate in the program. You can begin with:

(i) Filling out the registration form before 30th June (Submissions after the due date will not be considered)

(ii) Telling us a story (write or film it) about “What Do You Think Of BiQ”

(iii) Publish your content on your website and send a valid link to [email protected] with the subject line of “BiQ Rewards Program” 

… and learn who the winners are on July 20th at BiQ’s Facebook page and/or BiQ.cloud! 

What Will I Be Getting?

BiQ Rewards Program marks

There will be a prize pool of $10,000 cash prize up for grabs (maximum prize of $1,000 per entry) until it finishes. Depending on the quality of your submission, you’ll be getting either:

(i) Potentially win up to $1,000 cash prize + Receives $10 BiQ Credit – When ALL judging criteria are met with an exceptional amount of engagement

(ii) Receives $10 BiQ Credit – When content fulfills the judging criteria

(iii) Receives Free Access To BiQ – When submitted content fall short of the judging criteria

* Normal entries (non-winners) will have $10 credited in their account for taking part.

Judging Criteria To Sift Out The Best Submissions

Winners will be selected by our juries, made up of marketing experts and BiQ team members. The rewards program entries shall be judged or winners selected on the basis of those criteria specified below:

1. Content-Length

Marks will be awarded for articles that exceed 1,500 words or video content of no less than 3 minutes. This is because long-form content is proven to have positive impacts on the search engine result page.

2. High-Quality

Marks will be awarded for content that has great quality. As we all know, to boost SEO rankings, gain traffic and/or leads, having high-quality content on your website is really important. 

3. Creativity and Originality

The jury will assess the originality and creativity of the submitted piece. Content that is caught plagiarized will automatically be disqualified from the rewards program immediately. 

4. Visuals

The jury will assess content with attractive visuals, screenshots, and relevant images within the piece. Having images that add value to your content will make it more interesting and keep your audience engaged.

5. Practical Values

The jury will assess if the content offers practicality and added value to readers. (research, curate, offer insights). The content should be able to answer: “Did it give readers advice on how they can apply the lessons right away?’

6. Content Interaction 

The number of likes, comments, and shares will be taken into account. Fake social media profiles will be identified and will be disqualified in case you use them for increasing your engagement. 

7. Traffic & Views

Article Views. Submissions that successfully drive a high amount of traffic to the written content will be given the highest score in judging.

Video Views. Submissions that successfully drive a high amount of views to the video content will be given the highest score in judging.

*If the Entrant does not meet the eligibility requirements or is subject to any entry restrictions, that entrant shall not be entitled to be adjudged a winner, and will also not be entitled to a prize under any circumstances.

See BiQ’s Terms of Conditions for full details. Should you not find the answer you’re looking for please email them at [email protected] and the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Ideal Content Submission Examples

These are examples of written and video content that you can emulate but not copy.

  • Written Content:

This blog has a word count of 2,500 and is clearly well-researched. There is also the presence of visuals like screenshots and videos. It provides practical value to readers who are eager to know about the SEO tool.

  • Video Content:
3 Steps To Do Content Optimization Video

If writing a 1,500-word content seems like a hassle, video content as seen above is greatly anticipated too. There are plenty of visuals and guidance to teach audiences how to use BiQ. The content is rich and thought-provoking with a clear voice-over that can be understood by all.

Good Luck & See You Inside!

We can’t wait to hear your stories. And even if you’re coming across BiQ the first time, what a nice chance to finally give it a try and participate in this program!

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