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BizProfits offers an exciting money-making opportunity in the Cost Per Action (CPA) arena. CPA marketing programs work by paying you for a specific action (i.e. an impression, click, form submit, contact request, newsletter sign up, registration, or opt-in) rather than paying you for a completed sale. It’s a great model – even for complete newbies.

Backed by the utmost professionalism and industry know-how, BizProfits CPA Affiliate Network prides itself on its high standards for customer service excellence and is quickly gaining ground in the affiliate marketing industry.

BizProfits provides a wide range of the most converting beauty, lifestyle, exclusive & international CPA offers to satisfied publishers worldwide. Due to our strong & ever-growing base of publishers, Advertisers receive top quality & targeted leads for each and every campaign.

What’s In It For You The Affiliate

  1. High EPC & Conversions: BizProfits CPA offers bring in the highest earnings per click (EPC) with unmatchable conversion rates. They only work with offers that customers are actively searching for online and have shown great conversions again and again!
  2. Variety of International Offers: Get access to various international CPA offers for global, best-selling products and free trials. Geo-target and promote some of the hottest CPA offers to customers across the globe and receive handsome payouts for your approved traffic.
  3. Exclusive Offer Selection: BizProfits offers the best, exclusive CPA offers in the marketplace. You can earn unlimited income promoting high converting offers you won’t find anywhere else but BizProfits.com
  4. Timely Payouts & Account Management: BizProfits knows how important is to their publishers to be paid in a timely fashion and this is why they make great effort to pay on time, every time! On top of this, the BizProfits CPA network is available to provide you responsive support for any promotional questions you may have.

The Vertical Markets:

  • Health & Beauty Offers
  • Financial & Loan Offers
  • Mobile Offers
  • Lifestyle & Recreation Offers
  • Internet & Technology Offers
  • Online Games Offers
  • Biz Opps Offers
  • Lotto Offers
  • Sweepstakes Offers
  • Dating Offers
  • Education Offers

A Closer Look At Just A Few Of The Verticals:

Binary Options: Searching for more lucrative financial opportunities? Take a look at biz opps affiliate programs! With extremely competitive payouts and a variety of options to engage all kinds of customers, this vertical has all the means to become your primary source of income. Each affiliate stands to earn a lump sum in commissions and can target countries all over the world.
Looking to branch out from binary options CPA offers? Check out our selection of Loan Offers and see which ones are good for your traffic. Here are some examples:

Health And Beauty: BizProfits has the best beauty affiliate program and health supplement affiliate program currently available. Health affiliates who work with BizProfits are pleased with the wide selection of quality products, free trials, and exclusive CPA offers which convert like crazy. To spice up your promotional efforts, you can begin promoting offers in some of our top beauty verticals such as garcinia cambogia or anti aging skin offers. Here are some examples:

Loan Offers: Looking to start with financial and loan CPA offers? Find those that fit your traffic and financial goals at our affiliate network. We have a diverse range of borrowing opportunities to match the taste of every customer. Business loans for SMBs and aspiring entrepreneurs, personal and payday loans for private purposes, auto title loans for those who want to use their vehicle as collateral and many more. Choose an appropriate loan affiliate program, sign up and start making sustainable profit.

Fast and easy application procedure, availability for all social groups and diversity of lenders make online loans extremely attractive for potential borrowers. And the best part is, the majority of loan affiliate offers are Pay Per Lead, which makes them easy to promote. Here are some examples:

Sweepstakes Offers: Looking for offers that won’t be too much trouble to promote? Sweepstakes and lotto are your choice. Under each of these offers customers can win a valuable prize or a huge money equivalent in return for fulfilling required actions.

More specifically, those affiliates who sign up for a sweepstakes affiliate program will be able to offer their customers a chance to win an iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy devices, gift cards for groceries or cosmetics and lots of other goodies for just providing their contact information.

Those who choose to promote a lotto affiliate program will be able to offer users discounted lottery tickets and other means to boost their chances to win. Choose the right offer at our CPA affiliate network and let it make sustainable profit without much effort on your part. Looking to promote more than just sweepstakes & lotto? Check out our Binary Options CPA Offers and give your audience another chance to win incredible cash. Here are some examples:

Solar Panels: Fast Solar Quotes is a network of solar equipment providers. By submitting their information, users will be redirected to providers that can offer the most suitable conditions for converting to solar energy.

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