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Boost Your Energy At Work

How To Boost Your Energy At Work To Save The Day

Internet marketing, an entrepreneurial-driven gig, often calls for long hours. Especially when you’re just getting started online and trying to find the right path for you. This is especially true for those who are working elsewhere full-time and doing internet marketing as a side-hustle after hours.

One of the many great lessons I’ve learned from best-selling author and entrepreneur Michael Hyatt is that it’s more important to manage your energy than it is to manage your time. I found this to be true for me but not after wasting years being super unproductive.      

The infographic below, created by getvoip, will give you twenty great ways to boost your energy when the day (and night) gets long. You also get to learn which Chronotype your personality traits best fit into. Mine… I’m definitely the Wolf. What’s yours?  

Some personal observations:

  • I think it’s funny that they mention drinking some hot water with lemon first thing in the morning but not coffee. To each his own but I’ll stick with coffee – thank you!
  • I’ve tried the cold-shower thing and it’s as brutal as it sounds. But I know several high-achievers that swear by it. There is no doubt that it will wake up every single fiber of your body. But only if you can handle several minutes of agony and torture to get there.
  • Breakfast is very important since it’s the fuel that gets you out of the gate. I believe skipping breakfast completely is a mistake.
  • I’m definitely down with drinking copious amounts of water during the day. Dehydration leads to fatigue which leads to poor productivity. Plus, in my opinion it flushes your entire body of waste materials that can lead to other problems. I rarely get sick and I believe this is one of the biggest reasons why.
  • You might laugh at this because I’m in my 50’s but I still rock out to metal music. I usually play it while I work and it keeps me on my toes. If you’re in an office environment you can accomplish this with some good headphones.
  • If you feel completely exhausted at any point, take a break and take a walk. Preferably outside where the fresh air will hit you like an energy drink.
  • Try one of those newfangled stand up desk jobs. My wife uses one at work and claims that she rarely gets tired while using it.
  • One final thing I’ll mention is something that some of you can’t do during the work day and that is work out at the gym. I’m self-employed and working at home with my gym about a seven minute walk away. I make it a point to walk up there every day to either lift weights or do some cardio. It may sound weird to exercise like that during the day when you’re tired but it will get your adrenaline pumping enough to power you through the rest of your day.

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