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Streak (YC S11) looking for a senior front end engineer (remote only)

Article URL: https://www.streak.com/careers/product-engineer Comments URL: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=26791030 Points: 1 # Comments: 0

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New comment by rashkov in "Ask HN: Who is hiring? (April 2021)"

Backtrace (https://backtrace.io) | Full Stack Engineer (frontend, backend) | REMOTE or New York City Backtrace.io is hiring for a full stack engineer. Ideal candidate should have a strong knowledge of React and Javascript, as well as interest in or experience with ReasonML / ReScript. If you’re interested in applying or …

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How to Optimize For Baidu in the U.S.

While Google, Bing, and Yahoo control the West’s market share of search engine traffic, alternative search engine Baidu is the king of search in China. If you want to make your content known on Baidu, you need a strong SEO strategy to guide you. What works on Google may not …

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OpenUnit (YC W20) Is Hiring a Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer

Article URL: https://www.openunit.com/jobs/senior-software-engineer Comments URL: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=26781888 Points: 1 # Comments: 0

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New comment by monventu in "Ask HN: Who wants to be hired? (April 2021)"

Location: Helsinki, Finland Remote: Yes Willing to relocate: Yes (also Spanish and French speaker) Technologies: Web: React ecosystem | Node | Redis | REST APIs | GraphQL Languages: Python | Go | (Type/Java)Script | Clojure | (Java, R) Ops: AWS[SAA-C02 2021]/GCP | CI/CD (Jenkins/Azure) | Terraform | Kubernetes | Linux …

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How to Use LinkedIn Insights in an Actionable Way

What is an insight? According to Merriam-Webster, it’s the “power or act of seeing into something.” LinkedIn Insights gives you the ability to see information about who follows you, engages with your content, or may be of interest to you as a lead or new hire. Whether you’re hiring, promoting, …

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Etleap (YC W13) Is Hiring a Customer Success Manager

We are looking for a dynamic, experienced customer success professional to ensure we are building strong and enduring relationships with our customers, and that they are receiving the attention and support needed to achieve their goals. About Us Etleap’s mission is to transform the way businesses drive analytics projects. We …

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New comment by koverda in "Ask HN: Who is hiring? (April 2021)"

Pulse | Full Stack Engineer | Full Time and Part Time | Remote (Pacific TZ Perferred) – Pulse is an indoor agriculture IoT company that combines hardware, software, and cloud to enable indoor cannabis growers to optimize quality, improve yields, and prevent crop loss. – We’re a rapidly growing, bootstrapped, …

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How to Make Money From OTT Platforms and Video on Demand

As a business or marketing professional, when consumer habits change, you must pay attention. Perhaps nothing is changing more rapidly or drastically than how people consume video content. To leverage this shift, you must first understand two of the most common video consumption methods: video on demand (VOD) and over-the-top …

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How to Find Old Tweets

If you’re searching for an old tweet, there’s an easier way to find it than just scrolling through your timeline. This guide teaches you how. Why Finding Old Tweets Matters There are a million reasons you may want to uncover your own or someone else’s old tweets. Maybe you tweeted …

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