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Clickdealer Review

Clickdealer Review

ClickDealer has come a long ways.

ClickDealer is a full service marketing agency that specializes in Cost-Per-Action (CPA) campaigns in a wide variety of markets. They have rapidly evolved from an affiliate network working in several niche verticals into a full-service global marketing agency that now provides a wide range of clients with a comprehensive kit of cost-effective advertising services. 

What Does Clickdealer Offer?

ClickDealer has been in the performance marketing business since 2012 and currently has:

  • Over 2000 advertisers in 180+ Countries with over 13,000 direct offers and exclusives
  • 12 main verticals ( E-commerce & Retail, Sweepstakes, Dating, Mobile Utilities and more)
  • 8 offices across the globe that provide support in 12 languages on a 24/7 basis
  • Several payment methods including wire transfer, Payoneer, Paypal, Paxum, WebMoney, ePayments, ACH and eCheck
  • Monthly payments with a minimum of $500 due
  • A #7 ranking in the Blue Book Survey 2017
  • 5M+ conversions on a monthly basis
  • Meetups, contests, workshops, parties and a loyalty program to keep affiliates excited and engaged
  • Detailed reporting and state-of-the-art real-time statistics

Click Here Now To Learn More About Clickdealer

Here are just a few of their offers

  • [MOB] Go Play /IN [Idea]
    CPA $0.40
    Mobile content
  • [MOB] Learn Languages /KW [Viva]
    CPA $2.80
    Mobile content
  • [MOB] Mainstream traffic Private /Global
    RevShare 80.00 % ($)
  • [MOB] Thailand Glamour AIS-2 /TH 1 Click [AIS]
    CPA $0.70
    Erotic content, Carrier Billing
  • [WEB+MOB] Eurospin Voucher /IT *Reward Program*
    CPA $1.20
  • [WEB+MOB] TimesSquare Casino /ES
    CPA $35.00
  • [WEB+MOB] Win a £200 Primark Gift card /UK
    CPA $1.60
  • [WEB+MOB] Win Samsung S8 + Icon X /SE
    CPA $36.00
  • $1000 supermarket voucher – SOI /NZ
    CPA $1.50
  • $5,000 Grocery Voucher /HK
    CPA $0.21
  • [MOB] Premium Games /EG [Orange]
    CPA $0.52
    Mobile content
  • [DDL] Advanced Mac Cleaner /UK/AU
    CPA $1.80
  • [MAC] Adobe Flash Player /US
    CPA $2.80
  • [MOB] Whatsapp APK /TW
    CPA €0.25
    Mobile content
  • [MOB] $1000 Priceline Giftcard /AU [Optus] *SMS traffic only*
    CPA €14.50
    Mobile content
  • [MOB] $1000 Woolworth Giftcard /AU [Optus] *SMS traffic only*
    CPA €14.50
    Mobile content
  • [MOB] $500 Amazon Giftcard /AU [Optus] *SMS traffic only*
    CPA €14.50
    Mobile content
  • [MOB] $500 Target Giftcard /AU [Optus] *SMS traffic only*
    CPA €14.50
    Mobile content
  • [MOB] €450 Supermarket Voucher /CY
    CPA $4.00
  • [MOB] €750 Argos Voucher /IE [All carriers]
    CPA $16.00
    Mobile content
  • [MOB] €750 Penneys /IE
    CPA $11.20
  • [MOB] €750 Tesco – Dark /IE
    CPA $11.20

Clickdealer follows four pillars of business principals:

  • Reputability: Honesty and responsibility are vital when it comes to dealing with partners. This is what makes our reputation, which is indispensable for success in the industry.
  • Team: We invest heavily in our team. People, ideas and knowledge are the most valuable resource.
  • Excellence: We strive to perfect every aspect of our clients’ performance marketing campaigns.
  • Innovations: We push boundaries in everything we do. It helps us grow and improve.

ClickDealer is recognized as one of the industry leaders. They have been ranked as one of the best by Performinsider, mThink Blue Book and Mobyaffiliates. Their partnerships include some of the biggest names in the market. Click Here and get on board now.




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