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Cloud ERP Implementation: A Superior New Client Focused Approach

Cloud ERP Implementation: A Superior New Client Focused Approach

Tactical Cloud has taken a client focused approach in designing their ERP implementation process from the ground up. The client feedback has been stunning!

Online PR News – 26-September-2016 – Mike Kelly, partner with Tactical Cloud LLC, began by reviewing current industry best practices on software selection and implementation services and felt they were outdated and incongruent with maximizing value to clients. We spent a lot of time refining and improving on our process internally, said Mike. We believe that before a client signs on the dotted line for software we should finish what we call Phase One, which involves documenting the companys current state and also future state in great detail.

Phase One includes developing flowcharts and detailed process documentation around day-to-day business activities, as well as, conversations with department executives related to overall business strategy. From those conversations and our internal audit documentation, we are able to review the company holistically and offer methodology that drives value throughout the entire implementation process including areas outside of accounting like CRM, Ecommerce, customer service and supply chain to name a few, Kelly explained. Kelly feels that far too often software companies push a client to purchase too much, too soon without properly vetting and fully understanding the companys needs, both current and future. Rushing into a software purchase can set an implementation up for failure before it ever begins, not to mention lead to unnecessary expenses and cost overruns from the outset.

Mike added, We are seasoned business professionals who take the time to really get to know our clients and get a real feel for when and where is the best time for automation and optimization. Its very different for each client, but once weve gained that knowledge we build a detailed blueprint that is reviewed by everyone before we start architecting the system. We do not hurry the purchase of software.

Tactical Clouds Phase One documentation should be able to stand on its own. Meaning, if there is a requirement that comes up or if the business case changes and the previously identified software is not the right fit for whatever reason, the work invested during Phase One documentation would need little if any work by another software group to gain an understanding of the companys processes and policies throughout the organization.

Tactical Cloud feels their cloud based ERP implementation methodology is a game changer and will allow them to offer more value to clients looking to automate business processes, as well as, be able to scale their business. Numerous Tactical Cloud success stories describe how this unique approach implementing cloud based ERP software has benefited a wide variety of industries.

Tactical Cloud’s expertise is focused strictly on cloud based business technology solutions. They are made up of financial, accounting and business professionals with a strong background in business process review, design as well as system implementations. They believe that technology should accelerate your business growth not hinder it.

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