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Creating a 50onRed InText Campaign

About a year ago, I published my review of the PPV ad network, 50onRed.  In that initial review, I primarily talk about 50onRed’s Pops solution, which is a part of their traffic platform.

Today, I would like to discuss another channel within their traffic platform, InText.

InText ads from 50onRed are a special type of ad unit that displays a contextual link and when the user hovers over that link they are prompted with your advertisement.

50onRed Intext Ad Unit

You only have to pay when the user actually clicks on your ad.

This extra step helps prequalify that user beyond what is possible with the Pops channel. With Pops, you bid on a keyword or URL that you believe a user interested in whatever you are advertising would be interested in. Your website or advertisement is then popped up in front of the user when they land on a site with your URL or keyword.

With Intext, you bid on keywords that represent your ad. There are a few different creative types (shown below), but for most of them when a user hovers over the keyword you are bidding on, then they are shown your ad. You are only charged when they actually click the keyword or the ad shown on the hover.

This extra step (clicking the ad) helps ensure that the user is actually interested in your ad. Because they are more likely to be interested in whatever you are promoting, the cost of the click is a bit more than the Pops solution (in most cases).

The default CPC (cost per click) for InText campaigns targeting users in the United States is $0.05. For tier 2 countries, the minimum CPC is $0.02. Tier 3 is $0.01.

Tier Countries Minimum CPC
1 United States $0.05
2 Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Italy $0.02
3 Any country not listed above $0.01

These prices are very reasonable (especially outside the United States) and competition is not as heavy as it is with Pops campaigns so it’s fairly easy to find keywords with good traffic that you can bid the minimum on.

So, let’s take a look at actually setting up a campaign.

Creating an InText Campaign

Of course, in order to create an InText campaign on 50onRed you will need a 50onRed account. If you do not have an account, sign up here. When you sign up with my link you are given a $50 bonus after you spend your first $500 (the initial deposit to get started with 50onRed).

Sign Up with 50onRed ($50 BONUS)

Once you are signed up and ready to go, simply click on the InText link in the top menu.

Then, click Campaigns and the New Campaign button.

Creating an InText Campaign

Now, you should be staring at a fairly long form for creating your new InText campaign. Don’t be intimidated, it’s not as scary as it looks and you really only need to fill out a few of the fields.

Here are the import fields I use when creating my InText campaign:

Create New InText Campaign Form

Those fields with arrows are import because:

Campaign Name: If you are running a CPA offer, I recommend just using the name and ID number from the CPA network you are using. This will help keep your campaigns organized.

Locations: If you are running a campaign that allows traffic from countries in different tiers (shown above) then I recommend setting a separate campaign for each tier. You want to do this so you can bid the lowest possible CPC.

OS Targeting: This is only important if the campaign you are running only allows traffic from a particular operating system. Otherwise, I recommend using All by default and once you run your campaign and have some data you can always come back and change this to optimize if needed.

Budgeting: I recommend setting your Default Bid at the minimum for the tier you are using. I usually will uncheck Unlimited Budget and set a daily budget of 2-5x the payout of the offer. For example, if an offer pays $10, I will set the budget at $20-50.

Frequency Caps: I always enable frequency cap and set it at 1 click per 24 hours.

That’s it! Click Save Campaign and let’s setup your creatives.

50onRed InText Creatives

One of the cool things about 50onRed’s InText channel is that they allow you to choose from multiple creative types. Instead of all the creatives looking the same when the user hovers over a keyword that triggers the ad, they’ll see different types of creatives, which I would assume helps keep them engaged (decreases “banner blindness”).

Here are the 5 different creative types for InText ads:

50onRed InText Creative Types

My personal favorites (and the the ones I usually use) are the 125×125 image/text and 300×250 image only(example shown below). The reason I like these is that on PeerFly we usually will have a 125×125 banner and a 300×250 banner for an offer. This decreases the amount of work I have to do in order to test a campaign because I do not have to create my own banners. If a campaign performs well from the initial test I will then create and test my own banners too.

300x250 InText Ad Example

When creating your campaign, it’s important that you include the a few macro variables from 50onRed into your Destination URL.

The three I use most are:

{keyword} – Shows the keyword you are bidding on that generated the click.

{domain} – Shows the domain the ad was shown on that generated the click.

{creative_id} – Shows the creative ID that generated the click (important if you are using more than one creative).

You can simply add these as SubIDs in your PeerFly trkur link when you setup your Affiliate Link.

PeerFly Affiliate Link for InText Creative

Once you have setup your creative and added it to your InText campaign, you are all set!

50onRed will review your new campaign (they’re pretty quick to review them) and once approved you should start seeing impressions and clicks fairly quickly. Here’s a campaign I setup for a PeerFly offer about a week ago that has already been seen by 50onRed users over a million times!

PeerFly InText Campaign

I hope you are able to use this guide to create many profitable InText campaigns with 50onRed and PeerFly. Feel free to post any questions you have in the comments below or email me.

Let’s make some money!

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