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Credissimo.bg – Number 1 in Bulgaria for Short Term Loans

Credissimo.bg – Number 1 in Bulgaria for Short Term Loans

Credissimo holds the lead position for short term lending in Bulgaria for third consecutive year.

Online PR News – 21-February-2017 – Based on data provided by the financial portal 24pari.com for the period January – December 2016, visitors of the website have preferred the services of Credissimo.bg when searching for fast financial solutions. For a third year in a row the company receives a leadership certificate in the field of short term lending within Bulgaria.

The company CEO Georgi Karpuzov commented that Credissimo.bg has kept its leading positions in the sector thanks to the constant improvements of the procedures of loan application and utilization processes. The company makes daily efforts towards surpassing the expectations and building trust with its customers. To achieve this Credissimo.bg approaches each client individually, provides transparent and clear contract conditions and protects the customers’ personal data in accordance with the global standards for security.

Ever since its founding in 2007 Credissimo.bg has been among the leading companies in Bulgaria providing clients with revolutionary solutions in the field of short term lending. Some of which are online loan application with, no “application review” tax, accessibility to its platform from countrywide, answer to an inquiry within 7 minutes and interest-free financing.

The company’s continued development of technological approaches aiming to simplify the process for their customers has made it a leading FinTech company in Bulgaria. A noteworthy example is the introduction of the application for credit using Facebook Messenger that has an automated chatbot function – a technology introduced to the global market for the first time.

Mr. Karpuzov added, “It is a great honor that for another consecutive year customers of 24pari.com have picked us as the number 1 company for short term loans. This truly is a high evaluation, an honor and a sign that we are heading in the right direction. We regard the ‘Number 1 for short term loans’ title as a tremendous responsibility that motivates us to work even harder in keeping the consumer’s trust.”

24pari.com is a specialized platform for money lending comparison. The goal of the website is to unify information provided by different Bulgarian companies specializing in micro financing and provide customers with a quick and easy single form application request for all companies. Since 2015 the website has been a member of the “Association for Responsible Non-bank Crediting” which works towards implementing new ethical standards in the field by encouraging the adoption of good practices and protecting the interests and rights of the customers. Credissimo JSC is one of the founders of the Association.

The “Number 1 for short term loans” certificate is issued for the preceding calendar year and is based on objective data provided by 24pari.com for the period January – December of the same year.


“Credissimo JSC holds the lead position for short term lending in Bulgaria for third consecutive year. The certificate Number 1 company for short term loans is prestigious achievement issued by the financial portal 24pari.com on the basis of consumers interest registered throughout the year.”

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