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DatsPush Review – New Push Notification Ad Network

Recently, I have taken a big interest in push notification traffic and when I saw a new push ad network pop up, I knew I had to do a DatsPush review.

DatsPush is a new advertising network that focuses completely on push notification traffic. It’s similar to MegaPush in that aspect, but they are also different in many ways.

In this review, I will explain why I think you should give DatsPush a try as a traffic source for your affiliate marketing campaigns.

DatsPush Self-Serve Push Notification Ad Platform

For any self-serve ad platform, I think functionality and design are very important. While I think MegaPush has great traffic, their design and functionality of their self-serve platform could definitely use some improvement. It’s hard to work with. It works, but it takes a lot of tries to learn how to use it.

With DatsPush, that is not a problem. Their design is very user friendly and even with my limited experience with it so far, it has been easy to work with. They have a lot of options. It may be overwhelming, but it’s a good thing!

The dashboard is nice, the campaign setup is easy, their reporting works fine (although I do recommend using a separate tracking tool like BeMob or RedTrack), and they provide you some data on the current minimum bids.

DatsPush Targeting

One of the most important things for getting your affiliate marketing campaigns profitable is learning how to analyze and optimize your traffic. Most push notification ad networks are limited in their targeting options, but DatsPush gives you a lot of different targeting options when creating your ad campaign.

DatsPush Targeting Options

Here are the current targeting options:

  • Browser
  • Platform
  • Country
  • Region
  • City
  • Device type
  • White list IP
  • Black list IP
  • Mobile brand
  • Usage type
  • Device resolution
  • White list site
  • Black list site

You can also collect data on the audience you are getting traffic from and use that data to optimize your campaigns.

DatsPush Traffic

I have only run a few push notification campaigns so far with DatsPush so I do not have a lot of data to base my decision on the quality of their traffic yet, but I will say for for a new ad network, the volume of traffic seems pretty good. Because it’s a new ad network, the bids are still pretty low for most of their 250 countries!

DatsPush Minimum Bids

They list their current volume on their homepage and when you’ve logged into your dashboard.

  • 929,121,524 active impressions
  • 250 countries
  • $0.0318 average CPC

They have a low minimum deposit of $50. With just a few campaigns, you should be able to spend that pretty easily and get a lot of data.

One issue I ran into with DatsPush is their limited funding options. Currently, you can only fund your account with Webmoney and ePayments. I do not use either of those services so initially I was stuck. I reached out to their support on Skype and was able to deposit via PayPal manually.

Their support is good, but it can take a little while for them to get back to you. I hope they improve this and potentially even add a live chat to their site like MegaPush and PropellerAds.

If you are running affiliate offers with push notification traffic, I highly recommend giving DatsPush a try. They’re a new ad network, but they have a great interface, good volume of traffic, and a lot of targeting options to help you optimize your affiliate campaign.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

Let’s make some money!

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