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Do Follow Links From LinkedIn

How To Get Do Follow Backlinks From Linkedin

Regardless of whether or not you like or use LinkedIn there is no doubt that it is a valuable business tool used by many professionals for networking and posting background and qualification data.

Getting do-follow links from the LinkedIn platform is well worth your time if you like getting found in the search engines via search engine optimization (SEO). If you’re new to this and don’t know what a do-follow link is please scroll down to the bottom of this page for a quick explanation before continuing to the do-follow LinkedIn tutorial.

Do-Follow Backlinks From LinkedIn In 4 Easy Steps

Step1: If you don’t have a free LinkedIn account yet go grab one now: LinkedIn

If you already have a LinkedIn account go login.

If you’re new to LinkedIn take a few minutes to complete your personal profile. If you already have your profile completed you’re ready for step 2.

Step 2: Click on the “Me” icon at the top right side of the page. Next click on the “View Profile” link in the dropdown menu that appears. Finally, click the button that says “Edit public profile & url” on the right side of your screen:

Step 3: Once you do that you’ll get to this screen where you’ll enter your website url. If you have more than one you can list up to three. If you do so I suggest you use a different label for each. In my example below I used Company, Portfolio and Personal. Completing your phone number and address is purely optional and won’t affect our backlinks:

Step 4: Many of you LinkedIn vets probably already had the first three steps done already so these were listed primarily for the benefit of LinkedIn newbs.

Now what you need to do is click the LinkedIn logo at the top left side of the page. This will send you to the LinkedIn feed page which is similar to your Facebook, Twitter and G+ feed pages.

Next, simply share a link to some content such as a news article, a page on your website or preferably a blog post that you wrote.

The Key: Now all of this has been pretty straight-forward and I’m sure many of you already have your web properties listed on LinkedIn and have been sharing links there. So here’s the key: When you post a link write a short unique description of the content your linking to and follow it with the full url. Here’s an example:

Learn which industries and markets will experience explosive growth in the next decade. http://www.highpayingaffiliateprograms.com/industries-poised-boom/

When you share your link using this format LinkedIn will automatically shorten the link to something that looks like http://lnkd.in/pLGbnw. That new link simply  redirects to the url that you shared and will become a valuable “do follow” link.

Additional Tips:

  • Always include a picture with your shared link
  • Share compelling content that will want your readers wanting to learn more about you

What is a Follow Link?

When someone links to a page on your website it’s called an inbound link and provides a tiny boost to your search engine optimization (SEO). The stronger your SEO the higher in the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) your website will be ranked. Each inbound link is like a ‘vote’ for your website and the more authoritative the site is that is linking, the more that vote is worth. LinkedIn is very authoritative. Thus you’ll get more “link juice” from sites like LinkedIn.

Follow links are links that count as points that help boost your SEO rankings.  A no-follow link does not have points that help boost your rankings which makes them far less valuable.


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