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Earn Money With TemplateMonster

Simple Earning: 2 Ways to Earn Money with TemplateMonster

The idea of earning money online is not new to every modern person. However, the majority of us expect to see empty promises and vague schemes rather than viable options. Let me surprise you in this article and show you two not very complex ways to earn money online. If you try them out and are not able to earn a single dollar, then you have the full right to call me a windbag in the Comments section.

I am talking about Affiliate Program and Social Stock Contest by TemplateMonster. This company is one of the giants of the template market worldwide. They’ve been selling website templates for the last 15 years and know all the hypes and fads of modern web design. You can check the bestsellers of the templates they offer on their website.

Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is a safe way to earn money online with your website. With TemplateMonster Affiliate Program you can raise traffic on your website and earn money from receiving commissions from TemplateMonster. You can earn from 30% to 50% from every sale that was made by clients, who came from your website. Currently, TemplateMonster has more than 165,000 trusted affiliates worldwide, and you can join this team in a couple of simple steps.

What Are The Steps To Earn As A TemplateMonster Affiliate?

If you are a blogger, a web designer/developer or an Internet marketing consultant register on the Affiliate Program page and confirm your registration. After this, you’ll get an Affiliate ID that will let TemplateMonster know that this is you, who promoted the template that was purchased.

After you’ve got registered, use affiliate tools provided by TemplateMonster. Let’s see what these tools are:

  • Text links. Use these links to promote TM products on your website. An affiliate link is the link, where you add ?aff=username after the URL of the template or other product. With such links you’ll get commissions for sales, even if the purchase was made a couple of month after the client clicked on your link to see the template for the first time (cookies enable this feature).
  • Banners. Advertising with banners is a very effective way to earn money with affiliate program. You can download a set of readymade banners and just place the ones you like on the home page of your website.
  • Widgets. It takes something like 3 minutes to install the widget and it will work for you. Generate affiliate links that correspond to the topic of the article that you post and you’ll get even more income with the widget.
  • WebAPI. This is a script for retrieving information from TM website. This will be a handy tool for you if you know some programming languages, such as PHP, ASP, Pearl, etc.
  • Showcases. Drop a line to TM marketing team and get a showcase from them. This is the most popular way of affiliate marketing. They’ve got 50+ showcases for different branches of industry, so you can get the one that fits the industry you work in.
  • So, you placed TM showcases, banners, links or widgets on your website. Now, expect more traffic to it and check your affiliate account after some time. You’ll see purchases made using your links. If there are not much of them (this will be the case in the beginning), you’ll get 30% from every purchase. The average price of the template is $90, so you’ll get $27 just from one template.
  • As you keep working with TM, the number of purchases grows and the percent of your commission as well. If you’re a trusted affiliate, who worked side by side with the company for some time, you’ll get 50% commission from every purchase made with your links.
  • Get money with TM. As long as you’ve got $100 in your account, you can request the payment any time. Just press the button and your request will be processed in no more than 72 hours. TemplateMonster pays with different popular payment systems, such as PayPal, Scrill, Payoneer, SWIFT, Webmoney, and ACH. Choose the one that works best for you and enjoy.

You’re all settled. Now, your website is working for you, and you can lay back and sip coffee 😉

Moreover, you can further increase your outcomes by recruiting affiliates. Spread your word and get 5% from every affiliate recruited by you for a lifetime. You can build your own empire of affiliates!

Social Stock Contest

This contest is a wow offer for social networks’ addicts. To be eligible for the contest, you don’t need to have a personal website. You just need to be an ardent user of social networks, be it Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest or any other social network. You can win money and prizes by hanging out with people online and promoting TemplateMonster templates to your friends and people, who are interested in starting a new website or revamping their obsolete one.

Let’s see what are the prizes offered in the contest. If you won’t be interested in winning one of them, then you’re an exclusion. With Social Stock Contest you can win:

$100 to your PayPal account (10 points): These are real money that you can spend for whatever you want. PayPal is accepted worldwide so you can spend this money in any e-store that accepts PayPal.

  • SmartWatch Pebble (20 points): we often save on gadgets that are not of the first necessity. However, I bet you wouldn’t mind winning such a gadget. The watch provides a number of handy functions and synchronizes with your smartphone.
  • iPad Mini 4 (50 points).
  • iPhone 7 (100 points).
  • Canon EOS 6D (250 points): this professional camera with 20 megapixel sensor will let you make you perfect photos.
  • MacBook Pro (500 points).
  • Harley-Davidson Street (1000 points): a lightweight motorcycle, ideal with for urban and countryside driving.
  • Tesla Model S (10,000 points): the electric vehicle #1 in the world!

Already feel pretty motivated? Let me explain the rules of the contest.

First of all, you just need to register at Social Stock Contest page. No matter, who you are and what you do, you’re eligible.

Confirm your registration and you’ll get your personal promo-code that gives 10% off all the templates to everyone using it.

Share the promo-code with your friends and other people in social networks. Tell people about the templates and help them build high-converting websites. One use of the promo-code automatically brings you 1 point.

Check the points you have on your Social Stock profile page. Choose prizes, depending on the amount of points you have. You can either opt for a prize or keep earning more points to get another one.
Celebrate! Receive your prize and enjoy using it.

I’m sure, all this sounds pretty comprehensive. I can just offer a couple of tips for you on how to get more points. Here we go:

  • Be persuasive! You’re offering people what they need, and you offer the product of very good quality. You’re helping people out, remember this!
  • Be motivated! Be ready to put some effort into what you do. To stay motivated by reading some Social Stock success stories.
  • Be knowledgeable! Learn about the templates you offer. Review bestselling templates at TemplateMonster.com, explore their functionality and Live Demos, to know how they work and function.

I wish you good look in earning money with TemplateMonster. The popularity of these programs is a good proof of their efficiency!

Stay tuned!



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