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Eighteen Tips To Improve Your Writing

Eighteen Actionable Tips To Improve Your Writing

You don’t have to be an expert writer to be an effective blogger or internet marketer. In fact, you can outsource all of your writing if you absolute hate doing it.

If you’re new at writing you could probably use some simple tips to help you dial in your skills. Like anything else, you’ll only get better through practice so use these tips to strengthen your skills and increase the effectiveness of your messages. 

The infographic below, created by Instructional Solutionsprovides 18 actionable tips on how to improve your writing immediately. What’s funny is that the headline states “19 Actionable Writing Tips” but as you’ll see in the infographic they somehow skipped #13 so there is in fact eighteen, not nineteen tips. 


  1. Know Your Audience: Writing is all about your reader so write for their benefit instead of only trying to showcase your knowledge
  2. Focus On Planning: Spend at least half of your time planning and outlining your writing project
  3. Drafting Is Easy: Spend about 20% of your time writing a rough draft of your project. Don’t worry about typos; just get it all down
  4. Editing Is Last: Leave about 30% of your time to editing your work.
  5. Paragraphs Seven Lines Or Less Online: If you’re writing for online or email content keep your paragraphs shorter than seven lines.
  6. Make It East For Your Reader To Scan: Utilize headings to add white space to your documents by using numbered and bulleted lists.
  7. Verbs = Energy: Verbs are the pivot point of your sentences. Use verbs to deliver a compelling punch.
  8. Don’t Start Sentences With “There Is” Or “There Are”: These make for weak sentences. Find the real topic and start with that.
  9. Active Voice Is Better Than Passive Voice: Use an assertive active voice as much as possible.
  10. Avoid Jargon: Most readers find jargon meaningless so avoid it as much as possible.
  11. Avoid Exclusionary Words: Use neutral job titles that don’t include gender designation.
  12. Don’t Be Afraid To Use A One-Sentence Paragraph: One-sentence paragraphs are effective; use them.
  13. Double Check Your Punctuation: If you’re out of practice find a short touch-up tutorial.
  14. Use The Oxford Comma: This is a comma used after a list of three or more items, before ‘and’ or ‘or’ (i.e. An Italian painter, sculptor and architect ).
  15. Avoid Redundancy: Make you points and keep moving. Don’t circle around and restate them.
  16. Use Staccato Short Words To Grab Attention: Keep your readers attention by swithcing one or two sentences to all sincle-syllable words.
  17. Find An Editor: As someone to read your work and offer suggestions for edits. You’ll benefit and become a better writer with outside opinions.
  18. Start Where It’s Easiest For You: You don’t have to write from the first sentence to the last. Start your document where you’re most comfortable first.


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