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Email Is Still #1, Texting #2

Email Is Still #1, Texting #2

How do you compete for attention in your customer’s inbox?

Online PR News – 26-March-2017 – For quick and easy communications in business, email still ranks as the favorite and most utilized tool while texting is becoming more and more important.

Like any tool, there is a proper etiquette to choosing frequency, style, tone etc… of your email communications. As inboxes are becoming more and more cluttered with mass amounts of emails, there are a few things to consider if you want your important messages to stand out.

An app called Outstand will help your messages gain an unfair advantage for attention by making your emails stand out, get noticed and be remembered. Outstand is designed to support the follow-up and relationship-building stages of the sales process, which is where most of the value is created and where all of the magic in sales happens.

Unlike traditional crm type of platforms, Outstand was designed to be easy to master, fund and fast to use. Most others are designed more for mass marketing functions or sales management and not designed with the best interests of client facing relationship building professionals.

We would like to get your opinion on this software platform, and invite you to take a look and see for yourself. You can test drive Outstand for 30 days at no cost.

www.30DayPromo.com, enter the promo code: FREE30 and give us some feedback. (Note: To access the optional printed postcard and printed greeting card services during the trial, you will need a credit card for the optional printing and postage.)

Outstand is a Saas web-based service with tools to create stunning emails, texting for follow ups, printed cards, automated campaigns, message library, message tracking, opt-in forms, pre-written content, autoresponders, calendar sync, contact manager, mobile friendly, iPhone app and more.

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