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Fran Briggs Announces The Best of Autumn Reading

Fran Briggs Announces The Best of Autumn Reading

Readers’ expectations stunningly fulfilled

Online PR News – 04-November-2016 – If you’re looking for the perfect reading list, Fran Briggs has your selections. The award-winning publicist recently recognized ten books for being among the best of autumn reading. The annual promotion puts the spotlight on a select group of authors from Los Angeles, to New York.

‘The Best of Autumn Reading, 2016 is organized by title; publisher; author’s name; a short synopsis, and a link for additional information and purchase. The genres include mystery, humor, spiritual, wisdom, poetry and urban literature.

“The authors know a thing or two about penning tantalizing pieces which leave readers’ expectations stunningly fulfilled,” stated Briggs. “The books showcase each author’s distinguished contribution to the literary world.”

Below is the list. The numerical order does not coincide with ranking.

1. Vengeful Vows (eLectio Publishing) by Parker J. Cole
Hell has no fury like an ex-lover scorned http://www.parkerjcole.com

2. Seven Keys to Turn Your Life Around (Mike Murdock) by Dr. Mike Murdock Sometimes, people benefit most when they use uncommon wisdom http://www.wisdomonline.com

3. The Mutineers (Temporal Mechanical Press) by Eryn Vyctorya Mill
To survive, they’ll have to break every rule, but can the two outlying bastions of humanity join forces and survive, or will each step bring them closer to their own doom? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01CQ07E8M

4. Mi Barrio (Writers of the Round Table Press) by Robert Renteria
A hard-hitting comic book that inspires kids to do more around the house, try harder at school, question if they’re hanging out with the right crowds and believe in themselves. http://www.fromthebarrio.com/mibarrio/

5. Her-She Woman (SafeHaven Publishing Company) by Vernon J. Davis Jr.
Book of poetry and prose captures the woman’s heart, soul, and mind with words that caress, nurture, and encourage http://ow.ly/G8KM305Qy2S

6. Moments of Inspiration (Kelly Publishing) by Ruby Mabry
A collaboration of thoughts, quotes, stories of inspiration, motivation, self-love and learning how to begin each day with a peaceful heart, mindset and spirit of compassion. http://www.rubymabry.com/home

7. Here Comes the Sun (Aeonian) by Emilie Baker Loring
After spending the night in a cabin (a disappointingly uncompromising night), two feline haters are discovered by the hero’s political rival http://www.amazon.com

8. When a Man Loves a Woman: A Season of Change (book 1) (Inkscriptions Publishing) by Tumika Patrice Cain Avery & Alicia were the perfect couple, living the perfect life…Or were they?. http://www.tumikapatrice.com/

9. Idol (Inkscriptions Publishing) by Keri D. Singleton
She was his fantasy. He was her savior. She was his trophy. A lover’s triangle www.amazon.com

10. The World That Revolves Around Hydrocephalus: Hydrocephalus and Kacee (AuthorHouse) by Kacee Barnes A detailed account of a woman courageously managing this debilitating condition. A detailed account of a woman courageously managing this debilitating condition. http://ow.ly/azOH305Rigc

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