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GiveCentral offers Tips for Last Minute Holiday Fundraising Email Appeals

GiveCentral offers Tips for Last Minute Holiday Fundraising Email Appeals

Coming December the holiday season might become the busiest and fruitful season for your fundraising campaign.


Online PR News – 27-December-2017 – Here are few tips you can use to improvise your email appeals to boost your Fundraising effort this December:-

1.End of year deadline
Your donation collection for the year comes to completion on 31st December. So even though you want the donors to understand the deadline you don’t want your entire pitch to reflect one single date. For example, Giving Tuesday appeals don’t emphasize on asking you to donate on the Giving Tuesday only. The urgency is still intact in the appeals but it is more focused on the problems than on the deadline. Use you appeals your highlight the impact of donation that will happen next year, the problems your organization is focusing on solving. This will put a subtle pressure to donate by year end.

2.Use your most successful ask
By now you might have acquired some knowledge of your best appeals after a year worth of experience. You can go back and analyze which appeals invoked the maximum response from the patrons. It might be for cancer, animal welfare or for shelter for homeless; there might be some specific issues that drew most attention of the donors. Find that specific issue and try focusing on it in your appeals. You can directly ask your donors to support that cause or weave a story in your appeal to drive their focus on your effort.

3.Subject line pitfalls
One of the ways that you can lose your supporters interest is being too obvious in your subject line for the email. When a potential donor opens their email the first they read the email appeal you have sent them is the subject of the mail. If your subject is too obvious and is straightforward in asking for donation what other interesting incentives will be there for the person to open their email? The subject of the mail should be interesting but not direct. Avoid using words like ‘Donate’, ‘Fundraising’ etc. Try creating curiosity for your appeal in your subject line.

4.Timing of sending appeals
Sure sending out the appeals starts early but you have to strategically devise duration of sending your appeals. Pay attention to statistics of your competitors. You don’t want your appeal to get lost in the heap of other appeals. During holiday season a donor’s inbox can experience an overload of appeals form different organizations. But there is a sweet spot between Christmas and end of December when donors receive fewer emails. Consider taking advantage of this time period. If you are not sure exact dates instead of using you hold email list hold off only 25-30 % of it to be used for that period.

These were some of the last minute holiday fundraising email appeals for one to learn from. Even some of the most subtle changes like these could go on to make a huge difference to your campaign.

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