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High Ticket Freedom Guide

By now you know that I personally focus on the high end of affiliate marketing by promoting big ticket products and services that pay big commissions.

I’ve learned through experience that it takes the same amount of effort to sell a product or service online that pays you $1,500.00 per sale as it does to sell one that only pays you only 12 bucks. Not only that, but since most affiliate marketers focus on the low end, you’ll typically experience less competition selling big ticket items online!

Since I came from a humble background myself I’m always drawn by stories of other people who started with nothing and ended up becoming wealthy despite the odds. The proverbial rags-to-riches stories.

About a week ago I was informed that an affiliate marketer was releasing a new guide entitled High Ticket Freedom. Naturally, I was compelled to learn more. The author of this new guide is a gentleman named Michael Baptiste. Since I didn’t recognize the name I did my due diligence on who Michael was.

It turns out that Michael has an amazing backstory.

Forget the the silver spoon in his mouth; Michael was born almost without any spoon in his mouth. He was completely homeless at one point and had no idea where his next bite of food would come from (if at all).

Things got so bad that he literally slept inside public 24 hour FedEx office store for shelter on a regular basis. He had absolutely NOTHING. He was completely broke.

Through sheer determination, desperation, and perseverance Michael somehow emerged on the other side and turned his entire life around. Michael, as it turned out, was born with a natural gift of being an exceptional basketball player. Very exceptional. He even had a shot at the NBA but came up short and instead used his new-found confidence to learn internet marketing.

And he became very exceptional at that too. How? By focusing on high ticket sales like I do!

Now if Michael’s story doesn’t blow you away you really need to check your pulse!

High Ticket Freedom is his exclusive guide that will show you everything you need to understand and learn in order to land high paying, high-ticket clients and sales. These are clients that aren’t afraid to spend $10k to $100k with you for your products or services.

And you’ll get this huge mega-guide today for one super-low payment of only $9.97

Yes, you read that right!

This guide is a culmination of all of Michael’s life experiences, everything he’s learned, and most of all…includes ALL of his specific processes and proven techniques he uses (and the techniques he teaches other clients) to land big time clients and sales.

  • Learn how selling high ticket offers almost immediately makes you an instant authority to your market. Do this the right way, and you can make a fortune.
  • Michael will pull back the curtain on how he landed his first high-ticket sale when he was only in college. There’s a hidden golden “nugget” in this story that’ll help you transform your own business.
  • His proven pricing strategy for charging $3,000+ for your services, and how to get clients to pay you whatever price you demand.
  • Learn his exact 5-step system he use to close high-ticket clients like clockwork. This is Michael’s personal and proven method that he still uses today to make 6-figure sales.
  • Discover the $1.79 billion per month secret. When you see what this secret is, you’ll see why you’ll never have to worry about getting the most highly targeted leads ever again.
  • He’ll show you how to completely “shift” the way you land high-ticket clients. More than likely you are doing this all wrong. Michael will show you how to do it right every time.
  • Find out how to transform your own simple ideas into an automated high-ticket business system that will attract only the very best clients…even while you sleep peacefully at night.
  • Want to learn what you really should do to land high-ticket clients via the phone? There’s a science to it, and he’s locked it down for you. Follow these specific steps and your success will almost be guaranteed.
  • Discover the five core deadly sins of the high-ticket world and most of all…learn how to avoid them like the plague. If you ever want to make big-ticket sales, then this is a MUST read.
  • Find out the most powerful and lucrative models you can use to leverage more sales and bigger profits selling high-ticket offers and services. Any of these can work for you; simply choose the one you like best.
  • Learn how to create your own high ticket products, and learn how to find 3rd party high ticket affiliate programs to sell!

That’s why today for a limited time only Michael’s offering you his High Ticket Freedom guide for one super-low payment of only $9.97

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