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History Of Digital Content Infographic

The Fascinating History Of Digital Content

Content still rules the roost in the online world.

That you probably already know. But did you know that the growth of digital content on the interwebs has been exploding that past few years? 

Most people know that the volume of digital information in the world is growing exponentially. In fact, 90% of the digital data that exists worldwide today was created within the last two years – and 2.5 quintillion bytes of digital data are created each and every day.

Many experts who study these kinds of trends are predicting that robots may be doing the majority of digital marketing work in the next 30 years.

Today, we consume vast quantities of digital content by reading website articles, browsing digital magazines, watching videos on YouTube or other platforms, and even engaging with other people on social media. Even many of the advertisements we’re exposed to on a daily basis are digital. But how exactly did digital content become such a prominent fixture of modern life? We did some digging into digital content’s mysterious (or not-so-mysterious) past and put together this infographic to illustrate the history of digital content from its inception to modern times – and even took a glimpse into the future of digital content.*

*Infographic and snippet from merlinone.com

Interesting Takeaways:

  • Despite the amazing growth, only half of the total global population is presently an internet user
  • Last year (2017) over 3 million people actively used digital currency
  • The cryptocurrency market has grown an astounding 43X in just the last year
  • The average person spends almost six hours (5.75) per week watching online videos. (Think about that in terms of marketing opportunity.)
  • There are presently 112 million people that have a paid music streaming prescription
  • Print newspapers are obviously getting displaced rapidly by online news sources. But digital newspaper subscriptions are up 47% (NY Times) 23% (Wall Street Journal) and 76% (Chicago Tribune)
  • Big data is big big business. 48% of Fortune 1000 companies gather and benefit from big data
  • Amazon started in 1994 and has now grown to an amazing 90 million paid Prime Members
  • The IPhone launched in 2007 and today there are more than 700 million of them in use worldwide
  • Netflix also started in 2007 and has grown to over 100 million paid subscribers
  • Bu 2020 there will as many digital bits of information as there are stars in the universe. A mind-bending 44 zettabytes which is (of course) 44 trillion gigabytes of digital content 
  • There are no physical backups of all that digital content out there so there’s no guarantee it will always be available
  • Digital interactions with data is expected to grow 20X in the next decade

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