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How To Find Leads And Customers

Can This New App Really Help You Find Leads And Customers Online?

One of the most common questions I consistently get from my readers is “how do I (consistently) find people in the marketplace that will become my buyers?” It’s a great question and one that you need to know the answer to since it’s the essence of what we do online.

Before the advent of computer apps that automate so many of our tasks today, locating prospects online used to be a time-consuming process. For example, I remember spending endless hours looking on Google and other search engines for forums that my targeted customers (based on tedious keyword research) might be hanging out in. And that was only one method of finding people who might be interested in buying my products.

Automation Has Changed Everything

Automation software and apps has changed the entire digital marketing landscape. You see, things change online so fast that if you spend too much time researching your strategies instead of acting on them you’ll always fall behind your competitors who are automating this process. That’s just a fact. It seems like one year of internet time is like three years of real time.

When it comes to finding new leads that become customers, the cornerstone of the internet marketing business, the single most valuable tool I’ve seen released in the last few years is the Discover App by Walt Bayless.

You may not have heard of Discover yet so let me tell you what it does…

Discover Will Automate Your Entire Sales Process


Discover Will:

  1. Automatically find your ideal leads for you
  2. Send the leads your approach emails
  3. Follow up on them up for you
  4. All the way to a sales conclusion

And it does it 24 x 7 without excuses and the results are incredible.

Please go watch this webinar demo now and see it for yourself in action

Discover is about saving you TIME – The most precious resource you have. STOP wasting it on endlessly trying to find people to buy from you when Software can do all the leg work while you sleep.

  • Discover is like having a whole team of people searching the internet for you all day every day​
  • The power of your very own work-force behind you ​
  • Constantly looking for profitable leads ​
  • Telling you EXACTLY what every single one of these leads NEEDS​
  • And popping all those juicy leads into the PERFECT place in your funnel
  • So YOU can be the one to fulfill that need
  • Making sure it’s your pocket gets the benefit (and not your competition)
  • Whilst Discover automates the entire funnel approach and selling sequence for you
  • Making sure you have a constant supply of new leads – Turning them from prospects into customers
  • And customers to loyal recurring customers… Building your business
  • Totally on autopilot

Please go watch this webinar demo now and see it for yourself in action

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