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How to Invite People to Like Your Facebook Page

Our friends at Facebook have an awesome feature that lets you invite people who have engaged with a post on your Facebook Page to actually Like your Page (if they don’t already).

It is pretty easy to do and you will see a high percentage of the people you invite to Like your Page will actually end up pressing the Like button. When you invite them they get a notification on their Facebook that you sent them the invite and they can easily click it and Like your Page. Then, they’ll start seeing your Facebook Page content in their News Feed and it doesn’t cost you a dime.

Invite Your Likes to Like Your Page

The first step is actually getting Likes on your content. This method to getting new Likes on your Facebook Page will not work if no one is pressing Like on your posts.

If you are not getting Likes on your content then I recommend setting up an ad campaign to promote your Page to grow your audience.

Once you have Likes on your post, you need to click the total number of Likes on the post.

Get Likes on your Facebook Page Post

When you click that link, Facebook will pop up a window showing the names of all the people who you pressed Like on that post.

The Facebook users who do not already Like your Facebook Page should have an Invite button next to their name. If you click that button it will invite them to Like your Page!

Invite People To Like Your Facebook Page

Facebook also has instructions on how to do this in their Help Center under Invite People Who React to Your Page’s Posts.

As I said, these people are very likely to Like your Facebook Page after you share the Page with them 🙂

This method should work really well with Boosted posts or posts you are advertising in the Facebook News Feed. I have not tested this yet, but a lot of times those posts will get a lot of Likes, but people won’t actually Like your Page. Now, you can invite them to Like your Page and get the extra engagement on your content at the same time.

2018 Update: This is still working great! Facebook is getting more aggressive at showing notifications to users you invite and they can Like your Page directly from the notification on their Facebook account. Make sure you’re inviting everyone who engages with your content so you can grow your Facebook Page for free!

Try it out and let us know how it goes in the comments below. Let’s make some money!

This article was originally published on October 5, 2015.

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