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How To Win In 2017

Tips To Make 2017 Your Most Lucrative Ever

If you want to make more money this year you’ll need to make some dramatic changes from what you did last year.

If you want to make more money in 2017 than you’ve ever made in your entire life you’re going to have to convince yourself, without a shred of doubt, that you not only can, but will do it. 

Here are some tips to get you on the right track:

  • Make a list of everything you want to accomplish in 2017 and complete your list before the end of this weekend!
  • Apply ruthless drop-dead deadlines to each of the things on the list you just created
  • Goals are great. But this year focus on the tasks that will get you there
  • Analyze your strengths and weaknesses so you can focus on your strengths and outsource everything else
  • Break down your tasks into daily segments and work each one to completion. This will create momentum
  • Eliminate or at least minimize negativity. Avoid the news which is absolutely poisonous to your success
  • Work smarter. Find out where the money is going to be flowing next year and position yourself in front of it
  • Clean and organize your workspace and keep it that way
  • Remain flexible and recognize when you need to implement changes in your plans
  • Avoid procrastination by starting with your easiest tasks first followed by the 2nd easiest. This builds momentum
  • Work extended periods of time without interruption. Try to do things in one sitting and don’t stop until its done
  • Create additional income streams to augment your present income
  • Plan your work and use time-blocking to make sure you commit to it
  • Become more disciplined. Discipline accelerates your rate of success
  • Use lists to keep yourself organized. Have a separate list for each project you’re working on
  • Stop the OCD Loop
  • Avoid distractions by doing only one thing at at time. Silence your phones, close your email apps, and focus only on the task at hand
  • Be a filer not a piler
  • Work fast. Perfectionism is a curse, not a blessing so good enough is good enough. Have a start time and an end time for each task and use a timer to stay on track
  • Increase the number of offers you make to your prospects and customers. The number of offers you put into the marketplace has a direct impact on the amount of income you’ll make
  • Determine what will make you money the fastest and prioritize that
  • Read motivational books. You can and should read multiple books at once by reading a chapter from each every day
  •  Avoid fear of failure. Fear, stress, and worry all make you tired both mentally and physically. You cannot afford to be too tired to succeed
  • Be a creator
  • Select only a few times a day to return email messages and phone calls. Don’t reply to them as they come in. Be proactive not reactive
  • Plan your day the night before so you can get right to it each morning with a plan of action and a deadline
  • Do not just ‘wing it’. Know what you need to do each step of the way

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