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Imagenii Launches Pixelcrush Image Processing CDN on Microsoft Azure

Imagenii Launches Pixelcrush Image Processing CDN on Microsoft Azure

Imagenii Inc. announces new service Pixelcrush, an image processing CDN with best-in-class algorithms to do real-time processing of images and serve them fast

Online PR News – 30-October-2017Imagenii Inc. has officially launched today its product Pixelcrush (www.pixelcrush.io), a smart CDN (Content Delivery Network) service powered by advanced algorithms that allow real-time processing and serving of images with the best performance. Pixelcrush has been developed on top of Microsoft Azure, with the benefit of global scale and high productivity.

Imagenii Inc. is a Techstars company (Winter 2016) with great expertise in image processing and deep-learning techniques and great experience building enterprise cloud solutions. All this know-how has been crucial to the development of Pixelcrush.

The Microsoft Azure cloud platform provides a powerful infrastructure that enables Pixelcrush to build advanced and useful features that differentiate us from competitors, says Miguel Rasero, CEO of Imagenii. Azure helps to make Pixelcrush the right choice to serve the varying needs of consumers, from CPU processing to bandwidth.

Pixelcrush allows us to have a great catalog of high-quality photos of our products optimized in real time for all of our clients devices. This is essential for an e-commerce shop as your products have to be shown properly and as fast as possible in order to increase conversions, said Fernando Roman, CTO at oteros.com.

One of the main advantages of this service is that Pixelcrush allows no more offline processing, that is, the image can be resized dynamically and instantly to the desired format. This feature offers great flexibility adapting images when the app design changes, unleashing designers creativity and allowing faster iteration. Also, thanks to the pipeline capability, different processing steps can be chained seamlessly to obtain the desired size with the desired format.

Pixelcrushs main benefits are:

Pay as you go, you dont need to pay for a plan that doesnt perfectly match your use-case.
– Smart-cropping and real-time image moderation with a chainable, easy-to-use and expressive JQuery-like syntax.
– Custom SSL Domains support.
– HTTP/2 ready.
– SEO-friendly URLs thanks to our filter, and origin, aliases.
– Static files (.js, .css) can be cached and delivered from Pixelcrush, becoming the only CDN you will ever need.
– GPU aware in-memory software for fast image processing.
– Pixelcrush works as a proxy for customers storage.
– Worldwide distributed network with DDOS protection for faster content delivery.

Moreover, Pixelcrush will incorporate additional features like plugins for the most popular e-commerce platforms like WordPress, Magento, or Prestashop and GPU advanced filters and operations powered by deep learning techniques as add-ons. This way Pixelcrush will build an ecosystem of utilities customized for different scenarios that facilitates the use of the service.

Being architected on top of Azure allows Pixelcrush to dynamically grow or shrink the running containers for each of the different services of the stack. This is the main reason Pixelcrush is able to offer a competitive pay-as-you-go pricing. Pixelcrush is using Azure Container Service with Kubernetes to handle its services dynamic load, the top-notch Azure CDN to cache and deliver the processed images, and Azure Load Balancer to manage incoming traffic.

Were pleased to see Imagenii launch Pixelcrush on Microsoft Azure, said Andrea Carl, Director, Commercial Communications, Microsoft Corp. The productivity, intelligence and hybrid capabilities of Microsoft Azure, combined with Pixelcrushs expertise in content delivery, support our mutual customers with a trusted solution as they invest resources in the cloud.

More information about Pixelcrush can be found on www.pixelcrush.io

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+1 210 941 0202

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