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Instagram Marketing App

Instagram is a traffic gold mine if properly worked. This new marketing app software automates the entire process bringing you a steady stream of buying customers..

Instagram Marketing Automation

I’m sure you already know that Instagram is a great photo and video sharing platform that is growing at an explosive rate.

What you may not know yet is that Instagram is also a tremendous marketing tool that allows businesses and brands to market themselves without having to spends tons of money. That may not be the case forever, but for now it’s awesome. It continues to be a great marketing tool for many brands that are looking to gain exposure, build their online fan base and turn them into potential customers.

Why Instagram Is A Buyers Goldmine

Instagram allows you, the digital marketer, to tap into 700 million buyers who engage offers many times more than people presently do on Facebook. And as of this writing on November 15, 2017 is creating more “free traffic millionaires” each and every day than all the other internet platforms combined.

Who is cashing in on free Instagram traffic?

  • People like Ali Maffuci, who started “Inspiralized”, an Instagram account on turning vegetables into simple spaghetti dishes. She’s now quit her corporate job and is raking in thousands of dollars daily.
  • And Shirley Braha who has over 2 million followers on “Marniethedog”, just by posting pictures of her dog, she now earns a fortune by featuring famous celebrities.
  • And “thefatjewish” who only posts other people’s funny pictures and now makes 6 figures promoting their accounts, too.

So, how are they doing? Thru traffic-grabbing Instagram apps. That’s how…

Introducing InstaCrusher


  • Instacrusher is a new 3-part software suite package
  • It automates every step you need to grab money-making traffic from Instagram including getting followers and leads
  • InstaCrusher is a full tool-suite which literally does everything for you from finding the niche, to creating the posts and to selling to the right audience
  • All you have to do is click “InstaGo” and watch the traffic pour in to your website(s)
  • 9 months of development and beta-testing went in to its release to ensure its effectiveness and reliability
  • All this for the cost of a few cups of good quality coffee
  • Instacrusher comes with a 30 day unconditional money-back guarantee to ensure that it works for YOU
  • And best of all? Wait for it…  Instacrusher is only $7. Yes, you read that right! 

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How Does InstaCrusher Work?


  • Choose your niche. Start by browsing the InstaDB software and choosing a hot niche with lots of six-figure accounts, filled with rapid buyers who click through like crazy…
  • Each of these niches are proven to make tens of thousands of dollars every day…
  • There’s thousands to choose from, any of which will yield massive results.


  • Prepare your content. Content is KEY on Instagram, so you’ll use 2 powerful new approaches to prepare your content.
  • First, start by looking at what content is performing great on the top accounts in your niche on InstaDB, this will only take about 30 seconds
  • Second, enter your niche and keywords you found in InstaDB into our InstaTemplate software to generate template text for your chosen niche, based on profit-boosting posts proven to convert followers into buyers.


  • Create your content. Now you know what posts to create, it’s time to make them!
  • Head over to our AutoInsta software. Just enter the background image and text you found earlier in InstaTemplate and an optimised Instagram image post is automatically created.
  • This is the EXACT approach used by the Instagram elite, but without needing expensive designers and complicated briefs. AutoInsta does it automatically, giving you the type of posts that get free likes like THIS and build viral followers like THIS.


  • Hit 10k followers in a matter of days, just like we did. Creating great content is half the battle of getting followers but there’s much more to it.
  • We’ll show you how to “hack” Instagram tactics like “shout outs”, “reposts” to force yourself to the top of the news feed, and get mass free traffic.
  • This way you’ll be sure you’re building a relevant, buyer-hungry audience, that you can turn into swarms of free traffic and leads.


  • Monetize. Now you have a huge following and great engagement, but how do you drive traffic and turn those clicks into $$$?
  • Like I said, it’s all about promoting products your audience already wants to buy.
  • We’ll show you exactly how with our step-by-step training…

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