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Instamate 2.0 Will Rock Your Online Marketing

The world’s 1st and only web software to find, edit, upload, schedule, engage and monetize the most viral content to your Instagram accounts on complete autopilot…

Instamate 2.0

Instagram is HUGE! Did you know that Instagram now has:

  • Has over 600 million monthly users & 400 million daily users
  • 2 million new users in the past 12 months
  • Engagement levels are 52 times greater than on facebook & 127 time higher than on Twitter

With the huge updates Instagram has made in 2017, there has never been a better time to be a part of it and no wonder why 90% of the world’s top brands are on it making millions.

It makes sense why Instagram is now the GO TO social network for business’s & companies like NIKE, The Kardashians & Redbull and why they are Spending millions on advertising & management.

Instamate 2.0 automates the entire process.

Oh, and what happened to the original Instamate 1.0?

Instamate 1.0 now has over 12 THOUSAND members.

That’s more than success, that’s epic. To reach those kind of numbers? Buyers are telling their FRIENDS how solid the product is.

Why am I telling you about a software released in March of 2016?

Because Luke, the creator of Instamate, has decided to COMPLETELY update the product for 2017.

Why? 2 very good reasons:

  • 1st, Instagram has had a LOT of updates in the past year, so to let you cash in with these updates, InstaMate had to remain AHEAD of the curve.
  • 2nd, Luke has taken feedback from THOUSANDS of members to create a completely new product that delivers what real users want.

InstaMate 1.0 was the 1st all-in-one Instagram marketing tool. Allowing anyone to drive free traffic, build a brand and make sales using the world’s most engaged social platform.

Instamate 2.0 BUILDS on that and taps into powerful updates such as:

Features List:

  • Find the most viral content in any niche in seconds: keyword search uncovers the most popular fan pages or hashtags in your niche
  • Post AND schedule updates directly to Instagram from your computer
  • See what posts are scheduled and pull results reports from any posted content
  • ONE-CLICK download or repost any content you find
  • Repost and upload VIDEOS directly inside the software
  • Edit text, insert emojis and hashtags from inside the dash
  • Cloud-based … login, find your content, hit post or schedule and let Instamate take over
  • Add multiple accounts and automate them all instantly
  • Grow thousands of followers in weeks – become an authority in your niche
  • Direct upload your own content: images, videos and Instagram stories
  • Direct message your target market and manage all pm’s inside the dash
  • Engage with your target audience directly, by liking, commenting and following key users
  • Preview BEFORE posting – see exactly what your content will look like before you post
  • Instagram Story Uploads – both videos and images – take advantage of one of Instagram’s latest features
  • Find top trending hashtags in any niche, copy and paste them onto your posts to drive viral traffic
  • Spy on the competition – search any competitor by username, see how popular their posts are, even repurpose their viral content to use as your own
  • Find trending content on both Instagram AND Twitter – geotarget specific cities to find relevant content to share with your audience
  • Fully manage your Instagram accounts / profiles inside the dash
  • Multiple account support – launch week special only, includes 5 lifetime accounts for the price of 1
  • Full training – personal training on best methods to use InstaMate for profit

==> InstaMate 2.0 Is Here And It’s Incredible!


  • World’s 1st and BEST Instagram software that lets you find, edit, post and monetize viral content in ANY niche
  • The most up-to-date, PROVEN Instagram marketing software on the market
  • Double-your-money back performance guarantee
  • 100% free traffic – never pay for an ad again
  • Create instant authority in your niche
  • Dominate any niche at will
  • Leverage OTHER people’s viral content to drive traffic to YOUR offers
  • Effortless list building
  • Millions of engaged users just waiting to hear from you
  • 100% set and forget technology – schedule traffic and sales campaigns months in advance
  • Direct messaging – tap into the world’s 2nd most popular direct messaging app to connect personally with your audience and skyrocket conversions
  • Monetize the latest Instagram updates, including story posts, emojis, video uploads and more
  • Industry leading support – help available 24/7, we’re not happy until you are!
  • All the benefits of content marketing without writing a piece of content
  • VIP Facebook group INCLUDED – connect with Luke and other top marketers to take your Instagram game to the next level
  • Spy on the competition – see what’s working and what isn’t for your top competitors and legally steal their content
  • Triple your freelance income – no other tool makes it so easy to drive traffic, leads and sales for your clients
  • Proven Performance – Instamate 1.0 has over 12,000 happy members – this completely updated version has been built from THEIR feedback

==> InstaMate 2.0 Is Here And It’s Incredible!


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