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IT&IP SA And iCubes Inc. Celebrate A New Partnership to Bring Companies to the Japanese Market

IT&IP SA And iCubes Inc. Celebrate A New Partnership to Bring Companies to the Japanese Market

IT&IP SA and iCubes Inc. collaborate to launch internationalization services in Japan to help companies overcome business hurdles in their target markets.

Online PR News – 11-January-2018 – Tokyo-based Japanese business management consulting firm, iCubes, Inc. (Takahiko Kikuchi, CEO), signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Swiss business consulting company, IT&IP Strategy Advisory Group SA (Aldo Bloise, Country Manager) to strengthen their Asian Market Entry Service for international businesses.

Aldo Bloise points out: "International companies target Japan when they plan to step into the Asian Market given its strong legal environment, safety and attractive customer market. However, obstacles and market differences are often underestimated, and companies sometimes fail to make the necessary adjustments to adapt to the Japanese market. This includes marketing strategies that must adapt to cultural and visual cues, language specificities and social media trends."

iCubes, Inc and IT&IP Strategy and Advisory Group SA will support international companies to overcome these obstacles.

Takahiko Kikuchi explains: "Expectations and demand of Japanese customers differ sharply from those of Western customers, and a keen cultural understanding is a must. In many cases, products need to be redesigned and redeveloped. In addition to such localization, setting up a local team management is another challenge for non-Japanese businesses."

The Asian Market Entry Service, a one-stop service covering all major phases for a successful launch of operations, will train local management about Japanese culture and customer understanding. With their business tie-up, and relying on their respective know-how and experience, IT&IP Strategy and Advisory Group and iCubes provide now the perfect interface and partnership for Western and Japanese business clients in their overseas expansion plans.

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