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January 2020 SEO News Update

SEO News Update – December 2019/ January 2020 Edition

Before we begin reviewing the events happened in 2020, I would like to take this opportunity to wish fellow SEOPressor’s readers a Happy New Year!

Now, let’s begin.

Interesting News

27/12/2019 – What Happens If You Do Not Have a Single Content On-page?

Compulsory to have textual content on page.
A user asked on Reddit “How to tell Google that we are an Audio Website”. Some information provided was they’re a PWA and they host audiobooks, podcasts, and audio shows.

However, they’re afraid they may be penalized for having zero-content on-page.

Google’s John Mueller replied to the question saying that there should always be textual content on-page. Elements like titles, headings, text, and links are compulsory to have.

Ultimately, all webmasters should make it easy for search engines to understand their content. Consequently, it tells the search engine how relevant it is to the users and the search engine will be able to send traffic accordingly.

That was John Mueller’s input. Now, there were some pretty good answers to that question as well. Several Reddit users suggested using schema if it was podcast and having a transcript.

If you have sites that only have multimedia files, you may want to start adding some textual content on your page.

Click on the image below to visit the thread:

30/12/2019 – Does Sites Linking to Authoritative Content Count More Than Those That Do Not?

@bloglikepru took Moz’s image about site linking to Twitter. It was to confirm with Google’s John Mueller whether what Moz shared was true. Here’s the tweet.

John Mueller replied with a solid “no”. It’s not the first time John Mueller has answered questions about linking out.

Here’s another straight-forward question and answer back in 2017.

Most webmasters disagreed and said that linking out does help SEO. What’s your stand on this?

What we know is that if we want to link, we have to ensure they’re good sites, just as Matt Cutts wrote back in 2019: “parts of our system encourage links to good sites”.

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