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Jatch: #1 Hassle-Free Instagram Affiliate Lead Generator

Having trouble finding leads? Looking to build up an easy residual income, and grow your social influence? Jatch has you covered! Just fill out their unique questionnaire!”…

Jatch: #1 Hassle-Free Affiliate Lead Generator – Hand-Held Residual Income Builderinstagram_app_large_may2016_200

Instagram is red hot!

When Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg purchased Instagram four years ago for $1 billion many people thought he’d finally jumped the shark. After all, how in the hell could a small app company with only 13 employees at the time be worth that kind of cash?

Four years later in the middle of 2016, when Instagram passed 500 million users, Mr. Zuckerberg was proven right.

The thing is, Instagram is the go-to platform for many unique users. By attracting, engaging, and interacting with like minded individuals within your given internet marketing niche, you’ll be able to connect, scale, and monetize your account(s). This process is generally long and arduous, but Jatch has taken those two out of the equation just for you… 

So What Is Jatch?1024x1024

Jatch was created to be an extremely hassle-free Instagram growth strategy for you the user. In fact, it’s so hassle-free that once you fill out their simple questionnaire, you’re good to go! There is literally no effort needed on your end, and that’s the beauty of it.

How Does Jatch Work?

Jatch uses multiple avenues, based off of the information you provide them in the questionnaire, to grow your following organically, spur engagement on a more personal level, and create a thriving community of users all interested in you and what you provide.

This is all done through: 

  • geo-targeting
  • hashtag referencing
  • commenting niche specific comments that you provide (or they do)
  • following
  • unfollowing
  • liking
  • automated messaging

Jatch creates growth to help you grow your social influence, increase your following, generate leads, and so much more. 

Oh ya, Jatch also has an impressive affiliate program that pays you passive income each and every month!

Here’s a free eguide on how to use Instagram to earn passive income. It’s a quick read and has some very good tips and tricks. Just click on the cover image below to download it:


What You Should Do Next:
  1. Go Check Out Jatch For Yourself. If You Like It, Get It
  2. Apply As An Affiliate To Get Paid To Get Others On Board

How much can you earn as a Jatch affiliate?

Let’s break the numbers down:

  • Basic Plan: $57 /month
  • Your commission: $25 /month (for the life of the customer)
  • Professional Plan: $97 /month

Your commission: $45 /month (for the life of the customer)

These commissions don’t even cover one time products that will also be sold on our site, where you will also earn a hefty (%80+) commission!

You do need to be using our service to be approved for the affiliate program (how could you speak well about us, yet not be familiar with the system?), however, you do not need to be on the most expensive plan to benefit from both commission plans.

Go Check Out Jatch Now!

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