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JVZoo Academy Is LIVE + Huge Bonus Package Free

JVZoo has launched a product for the first time in their history. It’s a video training program that teaches you how to make money as an affiliate or product creator on their lucrative platform.

JVZoo Academy Review

bill burniece imageReviewed by: Bill Burniece, CEO of La Jolla Holdings, Inc. & founder of highpayingaffiliateprograms.com
Product creator: Sam Bakker
Product release date: May 9, 2017
It’s Live Now
Price: $17 (during launch only)
Rating: 5 out of 5


What Is JVZoo Academy?

In short, JVZoo Academy is a blueprint on how to earn commissions on JVZoo. The course was created (and is also taught) by super-affiliate Sam Bakker who has made more than a staggering 100,000 sales on that platform. 

What Is JVZoo?

JVZoo (the JV stands for Joint Venture) is an affiliate marketing platform that allows you to either sell your own products or promote others as an affiliate. JVZoo was named one of the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America for 2016.

Who Is Sam Bakker?

Super Affiliate Sam Bakker

You may have never heard of Sam Bakker before but those of us who’ve been around digital marketing awhile sure have. Sam is one of only two people who have made over 100,000 sales on JVZoo. Yes, you read that right!

So if there was ever a good guide for your to learn from – it’s him. And what’s more important is that in this course, he will be the one training you; not a co-worker or hired gun! 

Further, Sam was commissioned by none other than JVZoo to personally create this training program. That’s correct… this product is fully endorsed by JVZoo! 

My JVZoo Academy Review

OK, So why should you listen to me?

  1. I’m personally very active on JVZoo as an affiliate and have had tremendous success selling on their platform. In fact, in the last calendar year I’ve had 678 sales on JVZoo. Now, I’m not telling you that to brag but only to point out that I was able to get to that production level in a relatively short amount of time despite being a JVZoo novice. As an active affiliate I understand from experience what works on JVZoo and what doesn’t so if you invest in this program I’ll make myself personally available to you if you need my help.
  2. I’ve been through the entire course myself so I know exactly what’s in it. I was lucky enough to get in prior to the launch so I know everything there is to know about JVZoo Academy as an active member myself. This also enables me to offer an objective review pointing out both the strengths and weaknesses of this training program.

Let’s dig into JVZoo Academy

The first thing I look for when buying a new training program is how well organized all of the content is. After all, it doesn’t matter how good any training is if its a pain in the ass to navigate through.

The JVZoo Academy dashboard, from which all of the training videos and content are located, is beautifully designed and organized. Each section has simple pull-down menus so you can easily find the video training you’re looking for. Further, it will track your progress through the training modules making it easy for you to pick up where you left off. 

 Dashboard screen shot:

The Core JVZoo Academy Modules Cover:

  1. The Fundamentals: Will show you how to make the best use of JVZoo for maximum profits.
  2. Business Foundations: How to create a sustainable, long term business from A-Z. Nothing is left out.
  3. How To Promote As An Affiliate: How to pick winning offers and complete steps to craft powerful affiliate campaigns.
  4. How To Create And Sell Your Own Products: This section covers niche selection, product creation and how to maximize your profits on every launch.

The Training Is Broken Down Into Three Steps

Step 1: The System

This is your GAMEPLAN for making money over JVZoo. The system is laid out into easy to understand steps. You’ll be able to start reading through the content, viewing the diagrams and applying the steps to start profiting over JVZoo. This process is . We’ve spent the last 2 years perfecting it and now you can benefit by skipping all of the hassles, roadblocks and mistakes we’ve already gone through for you.

Simply follow and apply the steps that are clearly broken down for you.

Step 2: The Selling Formula

The ONLY WAY to make money is from selling a product or a service. In this section we show you some SHORTCUTS to selling as well as the most effective strategy that we’ve tried and tested.

One of the fastest methods for profiting over JVZoo is to create is to create your own products. You’ve heard before? Well we’ve taught a method that has GENERATED up to $10,000 for some marketers within 2 weeks.
You can use this same strategy to genererate $100, $200 or more. It’s not what you think and you don’t even need a product to make money with it.

While making quick cash is good you if you’d like to generate recurring commissions with your own flagship product we show you whats required to create and sell the product ongoing. Everything is laid out in a step by step easy to understand guide. You’ll be able to download then print out the guide. Read it and when you’re ready start applying it in your business.

Step 3: Evergreen Commissions

We backtrack over $2,300,000.000 in commissions to show you how you can get started right from the very beginning generating commissions in your business that are consistent and don’t go away. It all starts with one sale.

You’ll see the exact strategy I use (nothing held back) and you’ll also get to see campaigns my most successful campaigns laid bare.

This is going to include my exact systems. The strategy I’ve used for the last 3 years now to generate consistent pay days.

You’re going to be able to apply this system to your own business immediately. You’ll be able to use it, my resources and systems to start generating pay days over JVZoo of $100+.

Not only that but you’ll learn a simple test that takes 2 minutes I do with every product before promoting. This has been a major key in my business. It ensures you continue to have the best relationship with your list and generate the most commissions possible each and every promotion. You’re going to get a peel behind the curtain of how you can run a successful and EVERGREEN affiliate business over JVZoo LONG TERM.

You’ll learn how and where to find the best products, how to build the most profitable relationships and how to continuously feed your autoresponder with new subscribers. Finally you’re going to learn how to scale your business and generate ‘hands off’ commissions (yes I no longer have to do any of the tasks I listed above myself anymore and I still make thousands every promotion)

You can use these 3 components of the training to get up to speed within hours as to how you can generate a lifestyle income through JVZoo like top JVZoo marketers.

JVZoo Academy Is Live! Go Get It.

My JVZoo Academy Bonus Package

Early Bird Bonus #1: White Label Rights Video Script Software
Sell Video Script Software for 100% profits!
Rebrand our sales material and sell!

Early Bird Bonus #2 : White Label Rights Video Sales Blueprint
Repackage and Sell For 100% Of The Profit! The All-In-One Guide About Creating 6-Figure Videos
PLUS A Massive Resources Pack Including The Following Plus Heaps More!

Early Bird Bonus #3 : WP Profit Doubler Software
Instantly Create Your Own Complete Moneymaking Video Site Featuring Adsense and
Amazon Ads, Unique Web Pages, SEO Solutions and Much More

Early Bird Bonus #4 : WP Testimonial Pro
This is a fantastic plugin that not only will save you time and money, but also it will allow you to
quickly and easily increase your profits in a way you’d never imagine!

Early Bird Bonus #5: WP Tube Monetizer
Get Monetizing Any You Tube Video In Just A Few Clicks Today!

Early Bird Bonus #6 : WP Tube Maximizer
Quickly and easily monetize and add content to any You Tube video in just minutes!

Early Bird Bonus #7 : Marketing Graphics Toolkit V3
A Huge Toolkit Of Premium Marketing Graphics
To Help You Boost Your Activities And Business Online

To Get All Of These Bonuses (Plus The JVZoo Academy For Only $17) You Must Use My Affiliate Link By Clicking The Orange Button:

Oh, I forgot to mention that JVZoo Academy comes with a 30 day unconditional money-back guarantee. 

Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We use or test each product and service thoroughly (whenever possible) and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. Results from this product vary and the results presented are not typical.

As an affiliate of this network, product or service, Bill Burniece will be compensated when you buy through his affiliate links. Bill cannot guarantee your results with this product or service and is not responsible for any claims about this product made outside of this website.

We follow the FTC (Federal Trade Commission’s) Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. These guidelines require that any affiliate who uses reviews, rankings, or testimonials to promote products must clearly disclose the fact that they receive compensation for doing so.

If you have any questions please contact me (Bill) at [email protected]



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