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LBC Capital Income Fund Releases Important Information Related To Mortgage Trust Deed Investing

LBC Capital Income Fund Releases Important Information Related To Mortgage Trust Deed Investing

LBC Capital Fund developed a new and unique platform for investors. It is also a mortgage note exchange.

Online PR News – 06-December-2016LBC Capital Fund developed a new and unique platform for investors. It is also a mortgage note exchange. LBC Capital gives important information to the accredited investors and provides an investment vehicle for investing in mortgage deeds secured by prime real estate in the state of California.

Trust Deed investing and purchase of existing performing and non-performing mortgage notes requires proper research and up to date information. The demand for quality mortgage notes around the country and specifically in the state of California is on the rise. With uncertainty in stock market, bond market and commodities, fixed income funds and investments in fixed income assets like the ones provided by LBC Capital Income Fund should be part of a diversified investment strategy. Please consult with your Financial Adviser or planner for proper allocation of your investment portfolio. LBC Capital Income Fund and other similar investments in Trust Deeds has consistently outperformed S&P 500, Dow Jones and other indexes, while providing safe and steady fixed income return. LBC Capital has vast experience in Real Estate Market and is surrounded by the most qualified professionals in the Private Mortgage financing industry. The fund is co-managed by Lending Bee, Inc. and its principals Boris Dorfman and Vladimir Isperov. The fund is using a third-party service FCI Lender Services and is audited by the utmost authority in Real Estate Finance industry – Spiegel Accountancy.

Investing in trust deeds for accredited investors and self-directed IRA accounts requires a certain level of sophistication and a proper management team to provide qualified real estate notes for investors review. In addition to the asset itself, proper compliance and document preparation is crucial to minimizing the future liability that may arise out of these non-traditional investments. Dealing with risks and getting returns out of them is only possible when investors surround themselves with a team of experienced professionals. Proper research and inspection of the property securing the trust deed is only a fraction of the work that needs to be done before, during and after originating the hard money loan. Market expertise and dependability of the fund manager is extremely important, especially considering highly regulated industry like real estate.

LBC Capital Income Fund provides a platform that has enable accredited investors to invest in mortgage trust deeds directly, through fractionalize investing or as a part of a mortgage pool. It also constantly buys and sells performing and non-performing mortgage trust deeds. Investing in trust deeds should be a sizable part of any investment portfolio and self-directed IRA account. A lot of high net worth individuals invest in Hedge Funds, who in turn invest their money into funds like LBC Capital or directly into mortgage trust deeds. No need to pay exuberant feeds to Hedge Fund managers, when LBC Capital provides these services directly, which results in higher ROI (Return on Investment). In addition to US funds and individual investors, LBC Capital can except investments from foreign individuals or entities. Members of the fund would have to have a valid Corporation or LLC. The aim of professional platform developed by LBC Capital is to act as a portal to help both the investors as well as the finance companies; buyers and sellers of trust deeds; brokers that are looking to originate new loans; borrowers that are looking for hard money loans.

Over the past few years, LBC Capital has been steadily returning over 8% annualized return to its investors with no vacancy factor for the money. For those accredited investors, unfamiliar with trust deed investing, we provide an option of a minimum investment of $25,000 so they can get their feet wet and learn as they go. Once comfortable, larger investments are welcome and most of our investors do just that. We also have option of monthly distributions as well as dividend reinvestment. Borrower may choose either or, but will get monthly statements regardless.

Investing in trust deeds is quite a new trend in traditional trust deed investment field. Most old-timers still prefer fractionalized investing, which we advise strongly against. Investing in a mortgage pool or investing directly in Trust Deeds are only two viable choices. If you are still investing fractionally stop and call us for advice or call your financial planner or attorney. Fractionalized trust deed investing is not wise for variety of reasons.

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