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Local Katy Based IT Firm Warns against Pop Ups Claiming to Remove Viruses

Local Katy Based IT Firm Warns against Pop Ups Claiming to Remove Viruses

Pop-Up Claiming to Remove Viruses Actually a Scam

Online PR News – 04-July-2017 – Ever since the blossoming of the personal computer into a worldwide product, hackers and tech geeks of a more nefarious leaning have constantly developed new methods of scamming and stealing from innocent PC users. In the past, these have mostly consisted of fake anti-viruses and keyloggers that try to steal credit card information, but recently one of the most frequent iterations takes the form of a fake technician offering to help remove trojans and viruses.

Users will encounter an alarming pop-up window while theyre browsing the internet that claims the machine is heavily infected. The window then provides a number to call, stating that a technician on the line will be able to log in and resolve the issues. Once on the line, the fake technician will guide the user through a process that grants access to the machine, enabling the criminal to pretend to fix a few things while they download malware in the background. Often, they also look for saved password files and important documents like saved social securities and other dangerous information. The fake tech then states that the viruses can be cleaned off, but not before a payment is received. After payment, the tech will rummage around a little longer before claiming the viruses have been removed and the pc is clean.

Giving in and calling these numbers can lead to incredibly malicious results, as not only can users lose social security numbers and passwords, but those that pay the ransom have also given over banking account details to a criminal organization that wont hesitate to completely empty out the account.

In the event of an infection or pop-up window that claims to be able to clean out a machine, it is vital that users dont give in to the temptation to call the number. Instead, contact a local IT company that can handle things properly. For users in the Katy and Houston area, Impress Computers stands ready to help. This company has been operating for about 15 years and has collected hundreds of 5-star reviews that culminate to an average 4.8 star google rating. For PC users looking for reliable customer service paired with high quality work, Impress is the way to go.

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