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My Conversation with Torri Singer about Snapetite: A Foodie’s Dream App


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Tell me more about your app, Snapetite that you just released in the iOS app store on April 15th. What was the impetus to create this type of app?

Basically the idea behind this was my Dad and I are always trying to enterprise different ideas. He’s a really creative person and growing up I was interested in cooking. I attended cooking classes and I eventually became a culinary instructor for four years. I then dabbled with baking and catering. Growing up my Dad teased me because I would always take pictures of my food. That kind of became the trendy thing to do and Instagram became a platform for that in the last few years.

My Dad and I thought, ‘What if there was a place for foodies and people that love to experiment in the culinary world could go and exclusively post pictures and have creative ideas for cooking based off of their friends that they could follow?’ This was where the idea was born. We hooked up with a small group, Brink Media, and they devised the app.

We have been working on this app for about a year.

What was the process in getting this approved by Apple? From beginning to end, what was the process like in getting this off the ground?

We hooked up with Brink Media. Danny Vinik, the president of Brink Media and  a really talented guy named Varuna Bamunusinghe were the tech geniuses behind this app. They actually created the interface of the app and the capabilities. We said we wanted the app to link up with other social media platforms like Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.

We had a bunch of different demos. There was a core focus group and every time we would fix glitches that we came across. Just like in writing or any other creative enterprise, you’re going to have a bunch of drafts before your final product. 

Once we were finally satisfied with what we had, we submitted this to the Apple app store. They took about two weeks to approve the app. They gave us a launch date. From there, you have to decide if you’re going to market this as a free, downloadable app or something that we were interested in pursuing advertisers. We decided that this was something that we would want to be free. 

We launched mid April and we’re in the beginning stages of PR to get the word out!

Tell me more about the app and how users can use this more specifically?

This app is really designed to be a fun, creative place for people that love food to all come together. What the idea is behind this is that our meals are something that unifies everyone, regardless of the language that you speak or where you live in the world. We wanted this to be a fun place where people can have creative photo galleries and share different things and geo-tag these places, assign different restaurants in the area and follow their friends. Follow potentially different chefs or culinary icons when this gets bigger.

Eventually we hope for this to be a recipe-sharing platform as well. We hope that people will utilize the categories that we have implemented so that when they have a very creative recipe idea that incorporates pancakes they can easily navigate our app. We pride it on being user-friendly.

The app has been live for a little over a week. What sort of feedback have you received? Do you see the next steps for the app or are you still in the process of collecting the first round of feedback?

The app has been live for about a week now. We have received feedback. It’s definitely in the beginning stages. We have different updates and different user feedback that we will absolutely be incorporating moving forward. One thing that people have noted is that they want more filter capabilities for their photo galleries. Right now we just have a few different filter capabilities.

They also want the app to open up to their own specific collection of photos. These are the different things that we are listening to and being receptive to. When we do have our next update feature, we want to make sure that these updates are in place for the users. We want this to be a fun place that is not complicated and is user-friendly. We are looking to add more categories in the future. We hope to maximize the geo tagging, location capabilities and also to implement the recipe collection type formatting in the future.

When will this app become available on Android?

That’s definitely something that we’re absolutely looking into. This is a learning process for us being that it’s the premier app that my Dad and I are launching. We’re taking baby steps in a sense but we’re hoping to capitalize on the Android users as well.

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