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Nashville Trade Show Exhibits Company Announces New Touchscreen Technology To Boost Leads

Nashville Trade Show Exhibits Company Announces New Touchscreen Technology To Boost Leads

Nashville, TN based Skyline Exhibitor Source’s inTouch Platform is a complete software system that is customizable for the exhibitor and the visitor experience.

Online PR News – 14-November-2016Skyline Exhibitor Source has announced a new all-in-one trade show display marketing tool. inTouch is a hardware, software, service, and support platform that pairs multi-touch, multi-user software with touchscreen tables, touchscreen walls, and mobile apps. The solutions are all tailor-made to the exhibitor’s brand needs, which creates a cohesive and memorable experience for trade show attendees. inTouch can be added to any new or existing trade show exhibit for a more immersive and rewarding user experience.

“inTouch takes interactive exhibiting to a new level. For many years now, touchscreen technology has been used in trade show exhibits, but never has it been used in quite this way. With inTouch, an exhibitor can attract booth visitors, gather their contact information via a simple badge scan, and track the visitors’ usage experience within the exhibit. This makes following up after the show much easier and creates more effective targeted lead follow-up,” explained John Hamari, President of Skyline Exhibitor Source (www.esourcetn.com).

Lead capture is only one benefit to inTouch. The platform also saves exhibitors time and money over traditional exhibiting. inTouch can be used as a digital showroom, reducing both the amount of products that must be brought to the show and also reducing the booth footprint. Another cost savings comes in the form of digital marketing. Instead of bringing printed marketing materials to the event, they can be distributed by email right on-site to those who are most interested in them.

Every inTouch packages comes with a standard software module, but add-on modules are available for a fully custom experience. ThinkHub is one such module. ThinkHub features a large digital Canvas that expands the surface area of the physical touchscreen 20x, allowing users to pinch-zoom, annotate, and email images, videos, PDFs, and live feeds directly from the Canvas. ThinkHub also supports unlimited wireless device sharing, and built-in apps including Notes, Sketches, and Web Browser. ThinkHub can also be used as a standalone software application for permanent installations.

“inTouch is completely customizable. This is not like setting up a Powerpoint and letting it loop through the event. inTouch is totally integrated into the exhibit design with customized skins, backgrounds, and content. It becomes part of the exhibit and draws people in. It’s fully immersive,” noted Hamari.

Skyline Exhibitor Source designs and manufactures custom modular trade show exhibits in Nashville and Knoxville, TN. The company’s sixteen different systems are designed and manufactured in-house and many of them integrate with one another, allowing exhibitors to create fully custom trade show exhibits. The company offers trade show display rental, exhibit sales, custom-designed graphics, and service support in the Nashville and Knoxville areas.

To learn more about Skyline Exhibitor Source visit them at www.esourcetn.com.

About Skyline Exhibitor Source: Skyline Exhibitor Source has been committed to designing trade show exhibits and corporate environments for over 25 years. Located in Nashville Tennessee, the company thrives with a results-oriented approach to problem solving for trade show displays and corporate environments. Clients regularly note that they value the “knowledge and expertise” that Skyline Exhibitor Source provides and that it is the most valuable part of their service offerings. Experience, ethics, awardwinning designs, trade show management, and rental options are all part of the package that one will receive when working with them.


“inTouch takes interactive exhibiting to a new level.”

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