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Need Expert Content?

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Make Money With These Expert Content Videos

Internet marketing consists of a very simple formula. In it’s most basic form:

  1. Attract and build an audience interested in a niche product or service
  2. Find out what types of problems they’re interested in solving in that niche
  3. Locate products and services that solve those problems for them
  4. Sell them those products and services as an affiliate and earn income
  5. Rinse and repeat

Frequently, marketers get hung up on #3 – locating affiliate products and services to sell to their audience.

Selling other people’s products and services as an affiliate is a great model because you don’t have to spend time and money creating your own products to sell to them. Even if you did, what if you created something that didn’t sell? Uh-oh!

What About Your Own Expert Content?

What if there was a way to have your own hot selling product without the expensive product creation cost and hassles?

Better yet, how about having your own video content? Video content is worth its weight in gold since most people are visual learners and would rather watch someone teach them something instead of reading a book or course. 

What’s more… video training courses created topics that are always in demand?

Now there is: Check It Out By Clicking Here

Why Do You Need This Package?

    Decide how you want to brand, position or sell your product – your imagination is the limit
    Earn the sale NOW instead of waiting for 30 days to clear your check!
    Promote your own brand instead of swearing allegiance to other people’s programs
    Be in full control over your sales funnel and buying process
  • 100% PROFITS
    You keep 100% of the sales you make instead of taking just a commission cut, and build your own buyers list
    You can recruit your own affiliate army to promote YOU!

Expert Content Videos” is all about how anyone can turn their IP (Intellectual Property) into digital products and make a living online with their productized expertise. 30 on-screen video tutorials on how to create sellable e-books, videos, podcast, memberships and more.

Here are the courses included:

  • E-Book Content Formula (5×5)
  • How To Format Your E-Book
  • How To Create Table of Contents
  • Cover Creation with Canva.com
  • How To Put Cover on E-Book
  • How To Convert To PDF
  • How To Password Protect Your E-Book
  • How To Use Camtasia To Record On-Screen Video
  • Editing The Video (cut video clips, remove audio)
  • How To Remove Noise In Camtasia
  • How To Create Transitions
  • How To Render Your Video In Camtasia
  • How To Record Powerpoint Slides
  • How To Change To 16:9 Landscape
  • How To Create Transitions
  • How To Create Animations
  • How To Change And Format Image And Background
  • How To Add Text Effect
  • How To Add Audio/Video
  • AnyVideo Converter (MPEG4 -> MP4)
  • How To Record In MP3
  • Tips To Record High Quality Audio
  • What is Podcast?
  • How To Create Compelling Podcast
  • How To Start Recording Podcast
  • How To Publish Your Podcast
  • How To Setup WP Wishlist Plugin
  • How To Create Membership Levels
  • How To Customize Your Pages
  • How To Protect Pages
  • CD (Kunaki) Physical Publishing
  • “Print On Demand” for home study course

This is a must have for anyone who wants to start a niche business based on their expertise. And in walking the talk, YOU can resell this as your own:

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Disclosure: The operator of this website is a 3rd party marketer with a material connection to product/service providers appearing on this site in that we are compensated for sales made through our affiliate links.

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