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New Book Release Provides #CommonSense Campaign Advice

New Book Release Provides #CommonSense Campaign Advice

New book release from LaKesha Womack provides #CommonSense Campaigning advice for candidates seeking political office

Online PR News – 23-August-2017#CommonSense campaigning is a new book release written by Political Strategist LaKesha Womack. It provides a basic guide for candidates seeking to run for a political office by exploring the five basic topics that a candidate should consider when developing their campaign plan.

Womack wrote the guide to help candidates who cannot afford to hire a team of consultants and strategists during the exploration process. She stated, "Many candidates are running the best campaign that they can with the limited amount of knowledge and resources available to them. This guide allows them to dig deeper into their platform and to think more strategically about their staff, volunteers and voters."

#CommonSense Campaigning cannot replace the wealth of knowledge that a team of professionals can provide a candidate but it serves as a starting point, especially for candidates who are seeking office for the first time or who are running in smaller races. Womack has almost twenty years of experience working on campaigns at various levels. She combines her experiences from local, state, and national campaigns with her Political Science degree from Vanderbilt University and her participation in the Women’s Campaign School at Yale University; to deliver information that is easy to follow. The guide challenges candidates to examine their reason for wanting to run while evaluating their staffing needs, creating a volunteer recruitment strategy, identifying their vote number and drafting their campaign message.

Candidates in local races will benefit from the information because it will provide access to information normally used by larger, more well-funded campaigns. Womack hopes this resource will even the playing ground for candidates with little to no experience but an earnest desire to impact their local community.

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