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New comment by bleusink in "Ask HN: Who is hiring? (November 2020)"

BlueConic | https://www.blueconic.com | multiple positions | ONSITE in Boston, MA / Nijmegen, NL (depending on the position) and REMOTE for some positions

BlueConic is the market-leading customer data platform, which gives marketers the power to liberate their data and use it to improve marketing outcomes. Our clients use BlueConic to unify individual-level data and then use that single view across channels. Our SaaS platform is the solution for challenges marketers haven’t been able to solve for years. We’re headquartered in Boston and our development team works from the Netherlands. With more than 300 brands currently using the platform, our work is experienced by millions.

Technologies we use:

  * Frontend (TypeScript, JavaScript, React, Dojo)
  * Backend (Java, Node, Cassandra, Solr, Docker)
  * AI / Machine Learning (Apache Spark, Python, Jupyter notebooks)
  * DevOps (AWS)
  * iOS (Swift)
  * Android (Java

We’re currently hiring for:

* Back-End Developer (Nijmegen, NL) – https://grnh.se/dbb136012us

* Customer Success Manager (Boston, MA) – https://grnh.se/c7dac6cc2us

* Customer Success Manager (Nijmegen, NL) – https://grnh.se/e07f30a92us

* Director, Sales Engineering (Boston, MA or Remote (US Eastern Time Zone)) – https://grnh.se/49c9169f2us

* Full-Stack Javascript Developer (Nijmegen, NL) – https://grnh.se/abb5679c2us

* Pre-Sales Engineer (Boston, MA or Remote (US)) – https://grnh.se/2ce03e3d2us

* Product Owner (Nijmegen, NL) – https://grnh.se/a9549b792us

* QA Engineer (Nijmegen, NL) – https://grnh.se/eab154042us

* Senior Project Manager (Boston, MA) – https://grnh.se/e2ea23c92us

* Solutions Architect (Boston, MA or Remote (US)) – https://grnh.se/9c9037de2us

* System Administrator (Nijmegen, NL) – https://grnh.se/3185b77c2us

* UX Lead (Nijmegen, NL) – https://grnh.se/07afc3dc2us

* VP, People (Boston, MA) – https://grnh.se/eb5d11ee2us

My email in bio for questions.

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