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New comment by blingteam in "Ask HN: Who is hiring? (March 2021)"

Microsoft | Sr. Data & Applied Scientist | Bellevue, WA | Full-time

At the Web Data team we’re looking for a passionate Applied Scientist to help us on our mission of employing deep learning to understand all the data on the web; the largest store of information in human history. With this understanding we power end-user experiences across a variety of areas, including:
• Relevance of search results on Bing.com
• Question answering
• Recommender systems

As a team, we play a central role in document understanding and aggregation of data across documents leveraging the web graph. Work in our team is unique in that you’ll be able to work with trillions of documents, which pushes the boundaries of our infrastructure and computational resources. Moreover, it provides interesting challenges that haven’t been encountered before, thereby combining research and product applications.

Examples of our team’s work include:
• Revolutionize the field of information retrieval through bridging the gap between end to end dense retrieval and the traditional cascade approach of sparse retrieval with BERT reranking. [https://arxiv.org/pdf/2007.00808.pdf] • Develop the best technology to bring deep learning solutions to unprecedented scale, for example we built the world’s fastest tokenizer. [https://github.com/microsoft/BlingFire] • Establish new benchmarks for natural language understanding tasks such as key phrase extraction. [https://github.com/microsoft/OpenKP]

We are looking for a passionate Applied Scientist with demonstrable skills in information retrieval, deep learning, natural language processing and/or large-scale distributed computing.


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