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New comment by ceosearch in "Ask HN: Who is hiring? (June 2020)"

B2B SAAS with Customers | Remote | CEO/IndieHacker | Flexible

Want to run and have significant ownership of a B2B SAAS business?

I have a B2B SAAS up and running in the employee benefit space. It provides data and analytics on employee benefit plans to employee benefit insurance brokers and insurance carriers, and retirement 401k advisors. Basically it is a database of all employee benefit plans in the US with a 10 year history, with some analytics behind it to clean up the data and present it in a user friendly way. The brokers and advisors use it to look for and develop prospects / lead gen.

It is a direct competitor to Judy Diamond, Mi-Edge, and Larkspur data. Our value prop is very similar, but geared towards ease of use and lower cost for the small to medium sized rep. Additionally, we have synthesized data which can be aggregated and sold back to the carriers for market share, etc.

I built it last year as a semi-hobby to really learn about all the data tools and experiment a bit. Launched in October, got some customers through brute force Linked-In ads, and then took from January to now off to build a house. Well, we’ve moved in and now I can turn my attention back to it. Note that during my “hands off” time, it did add customers when I was absolutely not touching it. That said, it has pretty low revenue now (~$500/month).

But honestly I don’t really have time to focus on it the way I should, and I have other activities (more lucrative for now) that need my time. I do believe it could have legs to go after this market in a really efficient way, but it needs a motivated leader.

I’d love to find someone who might be interested to take this on. Here is the offer:

1. Significant equity / ownership of the business
2. All the cash the business generates (until a certain point – but you get it all until well after Ramen profitable)
3. My support on the market / innovation side(I am a management consultant who has served this market for years, so I know the space.)
4. Some additional capital to help get up the curve.

Email [email protected] and I can give you much more detail.

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