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New comment by davidmott in "Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking Freelancer? (December 2019)"

SEEKING WORK, worldwide. Full Stack Developer here (Development & Design) providing iOS/Android apps, Websites, Mobile/Web Games and more @ davidmott.com

Hi HN!

I am currently open for projects. I’m seeking for long-term projects and I’m also at present offering a 20% discount to those comfortable in me adding their finished product to my public portfolio however this is not compulsory nor a requirement. I also offer further discounts for projects that require more than 1 platform (ie, a website and mobile app build).

What do i do?
I’m a Web/Mobile/Desktop developer and designer proficient in both development and design across multiple platforms including: websites, iOS
applications, Android applications, web apps and desktop apps.

About me
I’m a Developer/Designer based in London (UK) who spends his time building products for entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide. These products include iOS and Android Apps, Websites and Mobile/Web Games. I have produced platforms for a variety of industries such as: Gambling, Social media, Fashion and more.

Portfolio: https://www.davidmott.com/


* HTML/HTML5/CSS/CSS3/JavaScript
* PHP/Python/Ruby/Laravel/MySQL/Node.js/AngularJS/AJAX/Go/Perl/Django
* Photoshop/Illustrator
* Java/C++/C#/C/ASP.NET/Unity
* Swift/Android
* React/Ionic
* API/Bots
* 3rd party applications and popular CMS platforms

For any enquiries you’re welcome to reach out to me via Skype/Mobile/Email which can be found through my personal website, or by booking meetings in London. If you require an NDA before chatting kindly let me know.

If you’ve made it down to here, thanks for reading!

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